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A case of Genital warts responded quickly with Homeopathic medicine

Mr AG (PIN no.18167) 32 yrs Businessman from Sion , Mumbai reported in February 2012. Since 2 years he was suffering from genital warts. There was a small wart at tip of penis. The wart was increasing in size. There were no symptoms associated with like itching or bleeding. He used to apply silver nitrate or cauterise it with some acid. But the wart would again come up with bigger size. His mother was suffering from Lichen Planus and was treated effectively with Life Force Homeopathy. So he also decided to start with Homeopathic treatment under Dr Shah. He visited personaly and his complete case details were noted down. He was a vegetarian with craving for spicy food. His food and water intake was average. He would sweat normal and was not able to tolerate winter season at all. His bladder and bowels were normal. He was working in a private company based in Mumbai. He was born and brought up in Delhi. His parents were still there in Delhi staying alone. Patient was married 2 years back. There was no stress in his present or past family or social life. As a person he was calm and composed. He was contented about his past life and achievement.He was a hardworking person. He was sensitive by nature , small things would easily hurt him but he never kept it in mind. He had a strong family history of Lichen Planus, high blood pressure and Hypothyroidism. With all this information Dr Shah prescribed him the constitutional medicine on 3rd February 2012 for 6 weeks. He returned to clinic for follow up on 28th March 2012 . His wart started responding well to treatment. The growth of the wart was arrested and the size started reducing. His wart was more than 75% reduced in the month of may when he reported on 15th May 2012. He was very happy to experience this result without any harm to his body. During his follow up on 2nd August 2012, the wart was completely gone. There was not even a single mark on his penis. Conclusion This case study reveals that the response to the treatment depends upon person to person. A person's sensitivity, susceptibility, state of immunity, stress coping mechanism are some of the things which are important for this perspectives. Warts are sometimes difficult to respond and we have seen that most of the patients require 8-10 months to see substantial recovery but some case like Mr AG, the complete cure was seen in 6 months. Uploaded by Dr. PD on 9 August 2012.
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