A Child From Australia Finds A Complete Relief From Her Nephrotic Syndrome Complaints With Homeopathy

The parents of Miss. V.L. (PIN: 24984) from Australia, after thorough online research about Dr. Shah's long-distance treatment protocol and after a detail discussion with our online doctor's team, started the treatment from Dr. Shah for their daughter’s Nephrotic Syndrome. She was showing symptoms of Nephrotic syndrome from the past 1 year, however, her condition was diagnosed in the first week of August 2017.

As soon as her diagnosis was confirmed, her parents immediately started with Homeopathic treatment. At the beginning of the treatment, it was explained to her parents that, during acute-flare ups, if it calls for a need to give the steroids to the patient in the initial phase of treatment then they may have to go for it, as acute flare-ups can be very well-managed with conventional medicines and, for a long-term management of the condition, Homeopathic medicines will help. During an acute episode, she would develop a swelling on her eyelids and feet and feel weaker than usual. In every 2-3 months, she used to experience a relapse which would last for 3-4 days. Her acute flare-up was managed with oral steroids. 

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Her appetite had increased due to steroids and, gradually, she was getting dependent on steroids. Her episode used to get triggered by an acute cold, cough, & throat infection, as seen in most of the cases of Nephrotic syndrome. On a daily basis, her parents were checking for her urine protein through a dipstick urine test. During the episode, the urine reports would indicate 4+/3+ urine proteins. After the intake of steroid, the urine protein would turn negative or trace.

There was no history of any major illness in the child’s past. In her family, her paternal grandfather was a diabetic patient and her maternal grandmother had Bone Cancer.

Her appetite had increased due to the steroid. Her sleep, bowel, and bladder habits were normal. She was sensitive to the cold weather. 

The case details of the patient, which were sent to us by her parents through the online portal, were studied by Dr. Shah and her reports were thoroughly evaluated. She was prescribed Silica 210C along with Dr. Shah’s research-based medicines.

She was on steroids when she had started the treatment with us. On 19th October 2017, her parents stopped steroids as her urine protein was coming persistently NIL. After a few days of stopping steroids on 26th October, she experienced a relapse of the condition and her urine protein was 4+. It was advised to continue the same medicines and counseled that the fluctuation may happen in the initial few months of the treatment and was advised to take the steroid temporarily. 

On 1st December 2017, the parents of the patient informed that their daughter’s Nephrotic syndrome was in remission period and she was on a tapering dose of steroid. Her urine protein was NIL.

On 11th March 2018, the parents of the patient reported that her urine protein was persistently Nil even after stopping the steroids. However, from a week, she was showing trace protein in the urine. For 3-4 days, parents gave her steroid to prevent a major relapse. Dr. Shah revised her prescription and medicines were sent across.

Gradually, she was responding positively to the Homeopathic treatment. On 21st December 2018, the parents of the patient informed that she had no relapse of Nephrotic syndrome in the last 8 months. The last relapse she had experienced was in April 2018, and, also, the last steroid which was given to her was in April 2018.

After a persistent Homeopathic treatment, she was in a long-term remission period. There was no more need to give steroids to her. Her case is still under observation, and, after a few months of maintaining doses, we shall stop her treatment.

This case highlights that, along with the conventional treatment for Nephrotic syndrome, timely intervention with Homeopathic medicines helps in better management of Nephrotic syndrome significantly. Homeopathic treatment reduces the frequency of attacks, its severity, and duration of the episode effectively and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy also minimizes and curbs the patient’s dependence on steroids.

Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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