Homeopathic Treatment Works Effectively For Molluscum Contagiosum

A 43-year-old lady, Mrs. N.P. (PIN: 31617) visited Life Force Homeopathy's Mulund clinic on 17th March 2017 to get treated for her Molluscum contagiosum. She was suffering from Molluscum contagiosum from the last 2-3 months. She had developed multiple pearls shaped pinkish white eruptions on breast line and on the right side of her neck and tiny lesions on the upper and lower lip. The size of her lesions was around 1-4 mm. She was experiencing occasional itching and with crawling sensation. There was no pain or discomfort. Before visiting Life Force, she was treated by another Homeopathic doctor with no relief in her complaints. Earlier, she had same eruptions on her face which were treated by Laser therapy.

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Besides this, she was experiencing a hair fall complaint and had high cholesterol, which was under control with diet. And, she was on conventional medicines for her Diabetes.

In the past, she had suffered from a kidney stone. Her mother was a diabetic patient, and her father was suffering from high cholesterol, kidney stone, and diabetes.

She was a vegetarian by diet. Her appetite was normal, and she loved sour and bitter things. She was working in MDI Laboratories. She was talkative, loving and caring by nature. She was very much attached to her family.

Based on her case details, Dr. Shah prescribed Carcinosin-30 along with his research-based medicines to the patient.

On 1st May 2017, the patient reported that she was better by 50%. Her eruptions were turning dry and had reduced in size. No new eruptions had appeared. Her health and condition continued to improve.

On 28th March 2018, she reported that her relief from the old lesions was better, but she had developed a few new eruptions on the face below the nose, chin, and on the chest. As per the case need, her medicines were revised.

She gave feedback on 21st Sept 2018 and reported that her relief from the complaints was much better. Her lesions had dried up and got cured completely. She was experiencing a complete recovery from all the lesions.

This case highlights that Homeopathy has an effective solution for viral condition Molluscum contagiosum. With the correct selection of homeopathic medicine, Molluscum Contagiosum can be treated at root level with Homeopathy successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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