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Homeopathy Is A Potential Treatment Option For Constipation In Kids

A 6-year-old boy, Mast. P.T. (PIN:30641) was suffering from constipation right when he was 3 years of his age. His frequency of passing stool was once in 2-3 days. His stools were hard. He was experiencing difficulty in voiding the stool. He had to strain to the extent that he would hold onto his mother to pass the stools. Only once there was a history of passing blood in the stool. There was no pain in his abdomen. The use of aluminum vessels at home for cooking and the less intake of water may be the possible worsening factors for his prevailing constipation. In the past, his parents gave him Allopathic medicines with temporary relief in his complaints.

He is also a known case of vitiligo, for which he is getting treated under Dr. Shah.

In the past, he had not suffered from any major illness. In his family, his paternal grandfather suffered from cancer of the throat and paternal grandmother suffered from vitiligo. His mother was suffering from the Acid peptic disease.

He loved eating spicy food and disliked sweets. His perspiration was offensive, and, thermally, he was hot. He was a shy child and would take time to make new friends. He was stubborn by nature.

Dr. Shah prescribed Lac Caninum-30 for 6 weeks after analyzing his case in detail.

After 6 weeks of Homeopathic medicines, his hard stools were better by 50%. He was passing stool daily, and the consistency of his stool was not as hard as before. 

In the next consecutive follow-ups, he showed a persistent improvement in his relief from constipation.

On 13th July 2017, when the patient visited our clinic, his parents informed that his recovery from constipation is fluctuating. When he won't drink an adequate amount of water, he gets constipated and passes stool on alternate days. Dr. Shah enhanced the dose of medicines and proper dietary guidelines were given to the patient.

On 14th November 2017, he was completely better than before with regards to his constipation complaint. He required no more straining to pass the stool. His stools were well-formed semi-solid and not as hard as before. As the patient was better, his parents started to taper the dose of his Homeopathic medicines, but, after tapering the doses, again the child was getting constipated. Along with Lac Can 30, Dr. Shah prescribed Calcarea phosphoricum 30 to the patient. 

On 6th December 2018, the parents of the patient informed that he is passing stool on a daily basis. The stool was not hard, and the patient no more needs to strain. He experienced regular and normal bowel movements. Whenever he traveled or had inadequate intake of water, he would get constipated but not as severe as before. 

His relief from Vitiligo was also improving with Dr. Shah's medicines. He is still under the care of Life Force for his complete recovery from Vitiligo.

The above case highlights that Homeopathic medicines help to regularize the bowel pattern, address the internal imbalance, and relieve you of the constipation hazards successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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