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90% Recovery From Lichen Planus Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 40-year-old man from the Indian Army, Mr. P.K. (PIN: 30279) registered online with Life Force on 11th Nov 2016 for his complaints of Lichen Planus, because he personally could not visit us as he was working in Indian Army.

The patient had been suffering for almost a year from Lichen Planus at the time of registration. The first eruption of this skin condition had appeared on his genitals, and, later, the lesions appeared on the inner lining on both the sides of the mouth and also on the hard palate.

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Initially, the itching discomfort at his private parts was more, but it gradually decreased. He was experiencing the burning sensation in his mouth that used to get aggravated after a spicy meal or after the liquor consumption.

The patient consumed liquor every day. He had stopped smoking one year back. The patient liked eating non-vegetarian and spicy food.

Prior to visiting Life Force, the patient had taken the conventional treatment, which contained the steroid-based local application.

The patient is required to work in harsh conditions, as he is stationed at any corner of the country. He also used to experience some amount of irritation when he is not answered properly by a subordinate or junior. The patient has the tendency to get tensed and anxious easily, but, he also used to calm down quickly.

After a telephonic conversation with the patient, Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him medicines for two months.

At the first follow-up on 15th February 2017, the patient had experienced a mild improvement in relief in all his affected areas of the body.

At the second follow-up on 20th July 2017, the patient reported improvement in his relief from lichen planus by 60%.

At the third follow-up on 18th November 2017, the patient said he is 70% better than earlier.

After the third follow-up, the patient was not much regular with his follow-ups.

At the fourth follow-up on 12th February 2018, the patient reported an 80% improvement in this recovery from lichen planus.

At the fifth follow-up on 23rd March 2018, the patient said he was doing good all this while, but there was aggravation in his condition for 15 days. The burning sensation in his mouth had increased. Also, there was a relapse of lesions in the oral cavity.

After a long gap, the patient gave a follow-up on 3rd June 2018 and said that he was 90% better, but the aggravation in his oral lesions had occurred once in 15 days.

At the seventh follow-up on 13th August 2018, he said that his condition was as it is, as it was during the last follow-up.

At the eighth follow-up on 4th November 2018, the patient said that his condition was the same as before.

At the ninth follow-up on 9th January 2019, the patient said that he is overall better by 90%.

The patient is still under the care of Life Force and is doing good.

This case illustrated that, even though lichen planus was not very chronic at the time of initiation of the treatment as opposed to the other cases, it took more time to heal because the sensitive areas of the body were affected by this skin condition. Homeopathy is quite effective in treating lichen planus successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Krutika, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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