Painful to painless recovery in the case of Tennis Elbow at Life force homeopathy.

Mrs. N.R.G (Patient Identification Number 5849) was suffering from Tennis Elbow for 8 months (March 2014), aged forty-eight years from Mumbai. One of her friends, who had taken treatment at Life Force suggested her to consult Dr. Rajesh Shah. She visited Life Force on 14th Oct 2014 where her case was taken in detail.

While recording her case, she revealed that her left elbow is affected. She had intense pain making almost impossible for her to move her hands. She had great difficulty lifting up heavy objects, which in turn use to aggravate the pain.

She had an average appetite. She had a craving for fish. She did not like sweets much. Thirst was normal. Her bowels were clear and she had satisfactory stools. Perspiration was average and was present all over the body but more on the face. She would feel more comfortable in cold weather. Warm climate aggravated her complaints. Sleep was sound and refreshing.

Mrs. N.R.G was a homemaker. She stayed in a nuclear family with her husband and two children. She was fastidious and disciplined by nature. She did not like to keep her work pending. She was anxious about her children. She was religious. She would easily get hurt and would weep easily. She was more comfortable in the company of people. She would not share her emotions easily with others. She dwelt more in past events. She had become irritable because of her Lichen Planus and wanted to get rid of it as early as possible. Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and constitutional medicine along with research-based homeopathic medicines was prescribed.

On 14 October patient visited for her first follow-up. She reported relief of 50 - 60% relief in her pain. She still complained of difficulty in lifting the heavy objects.

On 17th April 2015 patient visited for her second follow-up. She reported that her pain has subsided by 90%. She could now experience only mild pain in her elbows. The strength she lost while lifting heavy objects also improved. She continued to take our medicines regularly with mild exercises.

On 2nd June 2015 patient visited for her 3rd follow-up. The pain in elbows was 100 % better. The inability to move her hand had disappeared. Movements of her hands became smooth. She happily informed that she was even able to lift light weights although heavy objects still caused little pain.

On 20 July 2015, the patient visited for 4th follow-up. She reported that she was 95% better. There was very slight pain that still bothered her when she exerted too much. Otherwise, her elbows were absolutely normal and pain-free.

She still continues to take treatment from Lifeforce for complete recovery and to prevent any future relapses.

She was very happy and satisfied with the treatment and the results she got with the medication prescribed by Dr.Shah at Life Force Homeopathic clinic.

She is one of the patients to receive benefits from homeopathy, where she helped others also to get cured and healed without any side effects.

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Results may vary from person to person

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