A Patient With Renal Calculi Got Cured In 3 Months With Homeopathy At Life Force

A patient Mr. K.Y. (PIN: 39025) visited Mumbai branch of Life Force with the complaint of pain in the back that was radiating to the front. He was also experiencing pressure and burning during urination. His urine flow was in the form of drops. He was experiencing a feeling of something being stuck at the start of urination.

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His USG Report (dated 4th December 2018) stated: 
Left renal non-obstructive 3.3 mm calculus at the upper pole and 1.6 mm at the lower pole.
Right renal non-obstructing 1.1 mm calculus noted at the lower pole.

The patient was tall and obese and was following a sedentary lifestyle. He was a vegetarian and had a craving for tea and sweets.

He used to enjoy all things in life and did not think much. There was no work-related stress bothering him.

After a detailed case analysis, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicine to him for Renal Calculi. He was advised to follow an appropriate diet and regimen. He was told to avoid foods rich in calcium.

When he came for a follow-up on 30th Mar 2019, his report dated 16th March 2019 stated:
No Calculi is seen on either side.  No other abnormality detected. 
There was no pain bothering him now. His urine flow was normal, but, sometimes, he used to feel pressure during urination. 

The patient was happy and satisfied with the treatment which he received at Life Force and is continuing it for further recovery.


This case illustrates how homeopathy offers excellent results in the case of Renal Calculi. Homeopathy is highly effective in treating renal calculi successfully and safely without any side-effects.
Written by Dr. Shilpa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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