Joint Pains Treated Successfully With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 29-year-old young gentleman residing in Tamil Nadu, Mr. A. V. (PIN: 18202) availed of our online treatment for his low backache and heel pain on 7th February 2012. He had started experiencing these complaints in the last 4 months. He would experience pain and stiffness after sitting in one place for long hours. He had taken some painkillers from the local doctors for a month but could not find any relief. He had conducted the necessary blood tests and MRI which were normal. The heel pain would increase in the morning while standing. His relief would get better by walking. It was diagnosed as a calcaneal spur. He was a hairdresser by profession and long-standing work might have triggered the spur. 

His appetite was average. He liked sweets and disliked salty food. He would perspire profusely on the forehead. He could tolerate both extremes of temperature. 

He was a bachelor and stayed with his parents. He described himself as a ‘simple man’.

After a detailed case study, Dr. Shah prescribed him a few research-based medicines. 

He reported on 4th April 2012 with 30%– 40% improvement in the relief from his backache and heel pain. His stiffness had reduced significantly. 

After 4 months of the medication on 14th June 2012, he reported almost 60% improvement in his relief from backache. His relief from heel pain was better by 50%. 

He reported on 8th August 2012 with 75% improvement in his relief from backache. His relief from the stiffness had improved by 90%. His relief from heel pain was better by 60%.

He reported on 12th October 2012 with complete relief of his backache. His heel pain was also relieved completely.

He was very happy to get rid of his pain as it was creating an obstacle in his professional conduct.

This case illustrates that homeopathy is extremely effective in curing back pain and treating calcaneal spur successfully and safely without any side-effects.

-Written by Dr. A.P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 


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Results may vary from person to person

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