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A Complete Recovery From Writer’s Cramp Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 17-year-old girl from Haryana, Ms. V.S. (PIN: 34542) started online treatment from Life Force in the month of November 2017 for the complaint of Writer’s cramp.

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The detailed history was given by the patient’s mother online. The patient was facing this problem from past one year, and it was increasing gradually. The complaint was affecting her right hand. She was unable to write and grip the pen. Her fingers were shivering while writing. She used to feel stiffness in the hand and fingers. She was experiencing coldness and sweating in the palms. The patient was going to appear for board exams and, because of this issue, she was not able to concentrate on her studies. She was taking conventional medicines for the same but nothing was helping her. 

Her appetite had reduced. She loved to eat salty food in her diet. Her thirst for water was average. She did not have any complaint with regards to her urine and stool. Her sleep was fine. 

The patient was quite introvert by nature. Her mother said that she always liked to remain alone. She is very calm and understanding. She was very clever and always used to get the highest ranks but, since the problem of writer’s cramp started, her marks were reducing as she is not able to write with good speed. Her father was a businessman, and her mother was a homemaker.

She did not have any major illnesses in the past. There were no major illnesses present in her family. 

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her Gelsemium and some research-based homeopathic medicines. 

A major change was noticed in the first feedback on 27th January 2018. She was reported being almost 15% better than earlier after starting the treatment. She was able to write and grip the pen now. The stiffness in her fingers was reducing gradually. The coldness and sweating on her palms had reduced. Still, she was on conventional medicines. She had reduced its dose but still had not stopped it completely. 

On 27th May 2018, she was further better. Her father updated feedback that she was almost 40% better with the medicines. She was able to write in good handwriting now. Her speed of writing had also improved. The stiffness had reduced a lot. There was no sweating occurring on her palms. She had completely stooped all the conventional medicines. She was only on Homeopathy. She was overall better with the medicines. 

On 4th October 2018, she was reported being almost 60% better than earlier. All her complaints had almost subsided by then. There was further improvement in her writing ability and skill. Her painful contractions had almost stopped. Her grip for writing was improved a lot. She was now able to concentrate more on her studies.

On 27th February 2019, she reported being 80% better with her relief from the complaints. She was able to write like a normal individual now. Her handwriting turned normal. All the pains and discomforts were no more present and had got cured completely. The patient and her parents were very happy with the improvement. 

They thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for her complete recovery.

This case highlights that homeopathy is extremely effective in treating Writer’s Cramp successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Shah 

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