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A Lady Recovered From PCOD & Conceived Successfully With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 29-year-old female patient, Mrs. K. S. (PIN: 37323) visited Chembur branch of Life Force Homeopathy on 7th July 2018. She had the complaints of irregular menses since the last one year. Her menstrual cycle was irregular. She used to get menses every 2 months. Along with it, she had complaints of hair fall, acne, and leucorrhoea before the menses. She was experiencing irritability during the menses. Also, she had the complaints of weight gain and had difficulty in conceiving even after following an allopathic treatment. She was married for 6 years, had one child of 6 years; and she had difficulty in conceiving the second time. The menses she got in February 2018, April 2018, and June 2018 were drug induced.

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Her USG report dated 7th February 2018 showed 
Thick endometrium 16.5mm, few tiny follicles in both ovaries. 
Right ovary - 42*19*26 mm
Left ovary - 40*21*30 mm

The patient was mild, gentle, and reserved by nature. She had no specific past history of any disease. She had a family history of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, fibroid of the uterus, and an underactive thyroid.

After a detailed case analysis, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicine for PCOD to the patient. Also, she was advised to follow an appropriate diet and regimen.


On her first follow-up on 24th August 2018, she reported that her menses were regularized. Her menses occurred on 16th August 2019 naturally (i.e. they were not drug induced.). Also, her weight was reduced by 2 kgs (i.e. From 70.6 kg in July to 68.2 kg in August 2018). Her acne too was reduced. 

On her second follow-up on 15th October 2018, she reported that she had regular menses and her last menstrual period LMP on 2nd October 2018 lasted for 2 days. Her right ovary size had reduced from 40 cms to 32 cms, while the size of her left ovary varied a little.
Her USG report of 10th October 2018 showed that both the ovaries were bulky in size and showed multiple small follicles arranged peripherally within.
Right ovary measures: 3.2*2.6*2.1 cm (vol. - 9.78 cc)
Left ovary measures: 4.1*2.1*1.9 cm (vol. 10.19 cc) 
Her weight had reduced further to 66.2 Kg. Also, her acne had reduced.

On the third follow-up on 6th December 2018, she mentioned that she got menses regularly. Her LMP on 28th November 2018 lasted for 3 to 4 days. 

On the fourth follow-up on 19th January 2019, she reported that she had menses regularly. Her LMP on 31st December 2018 lasted for 3 to 4 days. She had no complaints of acne from the last month.

Later, on the fifth follow-up on 7th March 2019, her menses had got delayed. She took hormonal pills to induce menses. Her LMP was on 23rd February 2019.

On the sixth follow-up on 22nd March 2019, the patient didn’t get her menses, but an overall improvement in her health and relief was good.

Later, on 17th April 2019, the patient reported that she had conceived. Her LMP was 18th of February 2019, and she was two months pregnant.
On 22nd April 2019, the patient wanted to ask whether she can continue with homeopathy for PCOD as she has conceived, and she was told to continue medicine as it is safe completely.

The patient is quite happy and satisfied with the treatment which she received at Life Force and is continuing it for further recovery.

This case shows how homeopathy helps towards better management of PCOD. Homeopathy promotes recovery from PCOD effectively and safely without any side-effects, unlike hormonal medicines.

Written by Dr. Shilpa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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