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70% Recovery From Adenoids Found In Less Than 3 Months Of Homeopathy

A female patient Ms. F.K. (PIN: 39294) visited Life Force Homeopathy Clinic on 5th Feb 2019. She had complaints of Adenoids in left Nostril since 2017. She had taken conventional treatment before and had got temporary relief. Now, from the last two months, her complaints had aggravated. She was experiencing symptoms starting with itching in the eyes and leading to excessive watering from eyes, intense hoarseness of voice from the last two months, whitish watery expectoration, and throat irritation. Previously, she had complaints of redness in the eyes.

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She had taken Steroids in the past. On examination, it was found as mentioned below.
Nostrils: mild redness and Adenoid in LT Nostrils

She had a family history of Allergy. She also had complaints of hair fall from 4 years. The patient was non-vegetarian. She liked to eat chicken and fish. After a detailed case analysis, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicine for Adenoids to the patient.

On her first follow-up on 19th March 2019, there was 50% improvement in her relief from the complaints. She had experienced only two mild episodes in the last 6 weeks. The itching in her eyes had reduced, and watering in eyes, hoarseness of her voice, watery expectoration, and throat irritation all had reduced by 50%. The aggravation in her complaints by perfume and dust was still present. Her complaints of hair fall were as it is.

On the follow-up on 10th April 2019, the patient informed that she has 60% relief in her symptoms.

Later, on her follow-up on 26th April 2019, there was a 70% improvement in relief from the symptoms. She had experienced no episode in the last 6 weeks. There was no itching in eyes, no watering in eyes, no hoarseness in voice, no watery expectoration, and no throat irritation bothering her. The aggravation of her complaints by perfume and dust had also reduced by 30%. Her hair fall had reduced by 50%.

The patient was happy and satisfied with the treatment received at Life Force and is continuing it for further recovery.

This case shows how homeopathy helps towards better management of the frequent colds caused by Adenoids, and how Homeopathic medicines reduced the episodes of recurrent cold without any side-effects in such cases.

Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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