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A Remarkable Recovery From COPD Within A Year At Life Force

A 37-year-old male, Mr. M.N.P. (PIN: 33026) started treatment for his complaints of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) since July 2018 from Life Force Homeopathy at Sassoon branch. 

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The patient had been complaining of a recurrent dry and hawking cough with scanty, white expectoration from the last one and a half years. He used to experience a constant irritation of the throat and hawking. The patient also used to experience breathlessness on exertion and sleeplessness due to the complaint. The complaints used to occur daily and used to get aggravated by lying down. 

On examination, the wheezing sound could be heard. Lab investigations suggested that the patient had Leukocytosis with a marked Eosinophilia. 
The patient had a habit of smoking and drinking alcohol in the past. He was a vegetarian by diet and craved for salty food. Thermally, he was chilly.

The patient was very punctual, and he also expected others to follow the same. He used to get angry if anyone contradicted him.
After going through his case, Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based molecules for 6 weeks.


When the patient he reported after 6 weeks in September 2018, he was 60% better. He had experienced just one episode of Bronchitis due to the cold water. 

The patient was very particular in taking the medicines. He also followed the diet as was advised and also regularly gave the follow-ups. The patient was quite satisfied with the medications.
When he reported in January 2019, he was very happy with the treatment as his health had further improved. He had not experienced dyspnea after starting with the homeopathic medications.

When the patient gave the last follow-up in May 2019, he was almost 90% better. The patient had not experienced any acute episodes in the last 4 months. His constant desire to hawk due to the irritation of his throat was completely better. 
The patient still continues the medicines for further improvement.

This case shows that Homeopathy along with proper diet and management can treat difficult and chronic cases, such as COPD, effectively without any need for conventional treatment and safely without any side-effects

Written by Dr. Swapnaja Nagle, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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