A 7-Year-Old Autistic Kid Improved Incredibly With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 7-year-old female patient, Baby S. (PIN: 31789) visited Chembur branch of Life Force with the complaints of speech problem, as she was unable to communicate in words/sentences. She used to clap hands and look towards the roof as if searching for something. She also uttered meaningless words, as if she was talking to someone. She used to do the repetition of words/sentences and throwing of the objects/things. She was unable to perform daily activities, such as brushing of teeth, taking a bath on her own, putting on clothes, eating food with her own hands, and similar other routine activities.

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Now, from the past few weeks, she had started headbanging with her hands and was turning unfriendly with her own age children. She was a hyperactive child, however, she enjoyed watching videos/rhymes and used to stay calm while she was busy. But, suddenly, she would become restless and physically hyperactive. She was fearless but able to perceive danger. Though she loved carrying out difficult activities, she used to avoid jumping from a height. She was in habit of slamming the door and throwing things if not interested. 

Most of the time, she was not attentive to the communications being made to her, except the one which she would like. However, she had a very good memory by listening. She remembered rhymes/songs just after listening to them for a few times. She was on occupational therapy.

After studying her case history in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her medicines.


When she gave the first follow-up on 12th June 2017, she had experienced an overall improvement by 20%. Around 40% of improvement in her social interaction, in terms of non-verbal behavior, was observed. Around 20% improvement in her speech had occurred with no significant improvement in communication. Around 15% improvement had occurred with regards to her communication with others. Around 40% improvement in her behavior and relief from anger patterns, such as shouting, crying, screaming, throwing things, biting, and other habits. Her banging of head was observed occasionally.

On 11th August 2017, she was overall better by 40%. Improvement in her social interaction was observed. 30%-40% improvement in her speech had occurred, but in verbal communication hardly 5%-10% of improvement was observed. Her eye contact had improved. At times, she looked towards the ceiling. She was not comfortable with the printed pattern of a bedsheet and bright colors. At times, she used to make unwarranted gestures by hand. Still, she required spoon feeding. There was an improvement in expressing her nature calls.

On 11th December 2017, she was better by 60%. 

On 15th February 2018, her condition became stable and no further improvement was observed. Her irritability and shouting were present since the last one week. Her repetitive behavior had increased from the last 15 days. Lipsing without talking was reported from a week.

On 14th December 2018, her relief from aggression was better by 50%. The duration of her aggressive behavior was reduced by 50% to 60%. Her eye contact had improved by 50%. Her expressions for the daily needs, such as food, toilet, water, and other had 40% improved. There was a 20% improvement in her meaningful communication/expression with appropriate words/sentences. 

Her hitting back behavior, when annoyed, had reduced by 50%. There was a 50% improvement in her understanding or identification of family members by name/relation. There was a 30% improvement in her social behavior/mixing with others. Her self-management and behavior/communication when in public places had improved by 30%. There was a 35% improvement in her relief from repetitive behavior/actions. There was a 30% improvement in her understanding of various emotion. 70% improvement was observed in her acceptance of loud sounds, such as vehicle horn, crackers, and other loud sounds. The improvement in her speech was 60%. But, she lacked in the selection of appropriate words for meaningful communication.

On 6th May 2019, the patient was overall improved by 75%.

The patient is happy and satisfied with the treatment received at Life Force and is continuing it for further recovery.

This case shows how homeopathy helps achieve an immensely positive result in autism cases effectively and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Benao, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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