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Erectile Dysfunction Responded Excellently To Homeopathy

A 58-year-old male, Mr. D.N. (PIN: 18062) visited Life Force on 24th January 2012 with the complaint of Erectile dysfunction.

He was suffering from this complaint for 2 years. The major complaint of the patient was having a hard erection only for a short duration compared to the previous years, but, now, since a few months, there is no erection.

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He was experiencing irritability due to the complaint. He was experiencing anxiety before the erection. He was experiencing frequent micturition at night, mostly for 3 times. There was no history of masturbation. The patient was a workaholic and had the stress related to his work.

There were no past medications taken by him for the complaint. The patient was currently on Ayurvedic treatment from 1 month. 

The patient was also hypertensive from 10-12 years. He was taking anti-hypertensive medicines from 2-3 years.

The patient was a non-vegetarian with a normal appetite. No particular cravings or aversions were mentioned by the patient. There was profuse sweating, mostly on his forehead. Stool, urine, sleep, and thirst were all normal.

The patient was working in a bank for 30 years. His wife was a homemaker, and he was having one daughter, who was studying in 7th standard.

The patient was mild and reserved by nature. He had a limited friend circle and was workaholic. He didn’t like to interfere in others matters. He used to suppress his anger and had not much attachment to others.

There was no major past medical history of the patient. In his family medical history, his father was hypertensive.

His current weight was 75 kgs and BP was 130/80 mm Hg.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed him lycopodium 30 along with research-based medicines for every 2 months. The patient was also given vitamin D and B12 supplements.


After two months of homeopathic treatment at his first follow-up on 25th March 2012, the patient said that his relief from the complaint was slightly better.

After 6 months of further treatment on 27th October 2012, his relief from the complaints got better by 40%-50%.

In March 2013, his complaint was stable with almost 50% recovery from it.

After further treatment on 10th Aug 2013, his relief from the complaint was much better and the erection was improved with relief in anxiety as well.

In December 2013, the patient was stable with no further improvement.

In July 2014, the patient has responded very well was almost 70%-80% recovery from the complaint and with no major issues.

The patient had continued the treatment further with no major issues in erection and ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction generally takes a long period of time to get the results along with following a proper lifestyle. Homeopathy treated it effectively offering the results not only in recovery from erection and ejaculation issues but also helped obtain relief in anxiety and irritability which are the associated symptoms related to Erectile dysfunction. Thus, homeopathy treats erectile dysfunction effectively and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Renuka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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