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A Software Engineer Successfully Treated From 8 Years Psoriasis At Life Force

A 31 years old male patient, Mr N. S. (PIN : 37799) visited the Sasoon Branch of Life Force Homoeopathic clinic for the complaints of psoriasis on 25th of August, 2018.

The patient had been suffering from psoriasis since last 8 years. There were multiple patches over his scalp, forehead, behind both ears, on neck, abdomen, back and both axilla.
There used to be itching with scaling and flaking and the patches were painful. 

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The patient was using steroidal applications since 1 year and had also taken ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment for the same without much relief.

There was a strong family history as his father also had psoriasis.

The patient also complained of gout and had swelling over his left ankle joint. His serum uric acid levels were also raised (9.7 mg/dL)

The patient was stout in appearance.

The patient had a mixed diet with craving for spicy food and milk products. He disliked sweets.

The patient experienced profuse perspiration all over the body. Thermally he was towards hot. 

His sleep used to be disturbed due to dreams. He frequently had dreams of exams.

The patient was a Software Engineer by profession and was married since 8 months. 

He had a stressful childhood due to financial issues and was always anxious.
The patient had fear of examinations and he always used to dream about it. He also had habit of checking the door repeatedly to ensure if they are locked.

After studying his case, Dr Shah Sir prescribed him Mezereum and Research based molecules for 6 weeks.
He was also advised a gluten free diet.

Follow Ups:

After 6 weeks of taking homoeopathy, when the patient gave follow up on 15th October, his complaints were gradually decreasing. The eruptions on his forehead were much reduced. There was no redness seen and no new eruptions.

Further after taking medicines for 6 weeks more on 12th January his complaints were 50% better.

After 8 months of taking homoeopathy on 22nd April, the psoriasis patches were more than 80% better. 
The patches on his forehead and behind the ears were competely recovered.

He did not have any new eruptions and had stoppped allopathic creams completely.

The patient was very happy with the treatment and continued with the medications for more better result. 

Conclusion : This case shows that homoeopathy treats long standing, chronic cases effectively without any side - effects and also reduces the need of steroids. Homeopathy has very effective role to play in skin conditions like psoriasis. 

Written By : Dr Swapnaja Nagle, Associate Doctor to Dr Rajesh Shah. 

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