A 23-Year-Old Girl Recovered From Lichen Plano Pilaris In 2 Years With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 23-year-old girl, Miss R.P. (PIN: 33030) visited Life Force Borivali clinic on 3rd August 2017 with her parents.

She was suffering from Lichen Planopilaris. She was experiencing a severe hair loss in patches over her scalp due to the same. There were follicular eruptions over the scalp that led to hair fall and later on hair loss. She had skin flaking over the scalp with a slight burning sensation. Her overall hair fall was increasing day by day.

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She was suffering from this condition i.e. Lichen Planopilaris for two years. Before visiting us, she had taken medications, such as steroids. She had taken Ayurvedic medications for a few months with no relief. She was also using local applications for treating the condition but got just a temporary relief.

Her entire detailed case history was taken with an emphasis on her clinical condition as well. The case was assessed and analyzed by Dr. Shah. Dr. Shah had prescribed homeopathic research-based medications as per the case requirement.


In her first follow-up, she had started responding positively to the medicines. Her overall hair loss was reducing. Her relief from the burning sensation on the scalp was better. She was advised to reduce her conventional medications.

In December 2017, the patient’s relief from the condition was overall better by 30%. Her burning sensation had vanished. The intensity of her eruptions had also reduced. Her relief from the scaling on the scalp was improving. Her conventional medications were stopped completely. Her hair fall had reduced considerably. Her recovery from the bald patches had started showing a mild improvement.

In January 2018, her condition was improving further. Her scalp eruptions had reduced and became very mild. She was not experiencing itching or burning anymore. There was no spread in the bald patches. No new bald patches were observed in the last four months. 

In March 2018, her relief from Lichen Plano Pilaris was overall 60%-70% better. No new eruptions had developed on her scalp. Her recovery from the old eruptions was improving consistently. Her relief from scalp flaking was a lot better than earlier. The scalp texture was improving very well. Her hair fall was very mild now, as compared to earlier.

In August 2018, all her complaints were very mild and manageable. Mild hair fall with occasional scaling was experienced by the patient. Bald patches had started to show response and small hair growth was observed in them.

In October 2018, her relief from all the complaints was better remarkably by 80%. Only some bald patches were left. No scaling and no burning sensation were present. Hair fall was very mild. No noticeable eruptions were present on the scalp.

In June 2019, her recovery from the entire condition had improved, and she has recovered from the condition. All her issues have been resolved with the complete satisfaction of the patient. Her recovery from the bald patches was also improving considerably. No new patches were observed throughout the treatment.

The patient is still under maintenance doses to keep the condition under control and get it completely treated from the root level. 

The patient is very happy with Life Force and has started treatment for her other health issues too from Life Force.

This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating lichen planopilaris incredibly and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Neethu Krishnan, Associate doctor to Dr. Shah

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