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Recovery From Chronic Steroid-Masked Lichen Planus Found In A Short Span Of Time With Homeopathy

A 62-year-old lady from Dubai, Mrs. J.M. (PIN: 24244) visited Life Force clinic on 17th October 2016 for the treatment of her lichen planus. Her lichen planus had started with a small patch in the buccal mucosa that later started affecting her skin. She had hyperpigmented papules with itching. When she visited us, all lesions were mild and they were masked by the use of steroids. She was using some strong steroid ointments. Her lichen planus was triggered in 2014 after the frequent use of painkillers.

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She had a mixed diet and an average appetite. She preferred eating sweets. Her thirst was normal. She was experiencing average perspiration. Her bowel and bladder habits were normal. 

In her family, her father suffered from Diabetes and Cancer. Her sister and mother were also Diabetic.

She was mild by nature; her anger was suppressed most of the time. She was quite concerned about the cleanliness and was possessive when it came to her personal belongings. She experienced increased levels of anxiety by thinking about an event or situation in the future and her health.

Dr. Shah prescribed Kali chloricum 30 6 pills twice a day for 4 months and advised to update after 8 weeks. Also, at the same time, we discouraged the patient to apply steroid/cortisone cream on the skin as it causes suppression of the lesions. However, the sudden withdrawal of the steroid may result in the worsening of the eruptions, as they remained suppressed, until the steroid was used, and would be on and reappear with greater intensity. It was advised not to stop all the steroid applications or oral tablets suddenly but to slowly taper off the use of the steroid.

On 16th January 2017, the patient reported that there was a little improvement in her relief from Lichen planus. She still was suffering from the itching, however, the intensity of her itching was less than before.

There was a mild recurrence of lichen planus lesions in her month in April 2017, as she had tapered off the use of steroids, which she was using earlier. The steroid withdrawal effects were explained to the patient and she was counseled to continue the Homeopathic medicines.

After one year she again visited the clinic personally to thank Dr. Shah. She had experienced a complete recovery from lichen planus. There were no active lesions present, and the marks of lichen planus had also completely vanished. And, importantly, she was off the use of local steroids. 

Her husband was amazed by seeing the recovery in her case. Initially, it was difficult for him to believe in the use of tiny mild Homeopathic medicines against the strong steroids. They are a firm believer in Homeopathy now, and her son who resides in the USA started the treatment under Dr. Shah for his IBS complaint.

The above case illustrates how Homeopathy treats lichen planus from the root level effectively without any side-effects. Homeopathy does not recommend the use of local steroids for all sorts of chronic skin diseases. This is based on the observation that the steroids simply 'suppress' the skin disease without curing it. In most cases, skin diseases resurface after the use of steroids is stopped. 

Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD

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