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80% Relief In Oral Lichen Planus In 7 Months With Life Force’s Homeopathic Treatment

A male patient Mr. S.S.M. (PIN: 38831) visited Paud branch of Life Force on 14th December 2018 with the complaints of oral lichen planus. He was suffering from the discomforting symptoms of this condition, such as red-white patches in the oral cavity, burning sensation, pain, soreness of the oral mucosa and gums, and mild sensitivity to hot foods, spicy foods, and crispy foods. Lichen planus was affecting his cheeks and gums. He was not experiencing any weakness. However, he was suffering from the pain and burning sensation in the throat for the last 3-4 months.


He was confident and irritable. He didn’t like lazy people & people who do not do their job sincerely. He was a continuous thinker. The patient was anxious.


After analyzing his case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed research-based medicines for his complaints of Oral Lichen Planus.

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When he gave his first follow-up on 5th February 2019, his lesions had reduced by 10% to 15%. Also, his burning sensation had reduced. The soreness was as it is.

At his second follow-up on 5th April 2019, his relief from the lesion of oral lichen planus was further better. The burning sensation had reduced. The soreness was as it is. The lesions on his cheeks were as it is. The lesions on his lower gums had increased, however, those on the upper gums had reduced.

When he gave his third follow-up on 30th May 2019, his recovery from the lesions was further better. The burning sensation had reduced by 50%. The lesions on his right cheek were as it is, however, the rest of his lichen planus lesions had reduced. The soreness was as it is.

At his fourth follow-up on 30th July 2019, his recovery from the lesions of oral lichen planus was better by 80%. The burning sensation and soreness had reduced. All his lesions had reduced remarkably.


The patient is very happy and satisfied with the treatment he received at Life Force and is continuing it for further recovery.



This case illustrates how homeopathy helps in better management of the condition and treating Oral Lichen Planus tremendously, effectively, and safely without any side-effects.


  • Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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