Canadian Patient Said, “She Can Eat Whatever She Wants, Not Bothered Of GERD Now.” With Homeopathy

A 49-year-old lady, Mrs. P.N.D.  (PIN: 24418) was diagnosed with GERD in January 2017, however, she had some symptoms of silent reflux (LPR - Laryngopharyngeal reflux) since June 2016 that affected her voice. She used to feel that something is pricking in the throat but didn't have any symptoms of heartburn or acidity and was able to eat all kinds of foods until July 2016. As per the ENT specialist, some acid was impacting her voice glands and throat during the sleep. Since August 2016, she started experiencing other symptoms of GERD that include severe chest pain, cough, cramps in the stomach, and an acidic taste in the mouth in the morning along with burning sensation in the throat, bloating sensation, gases, burping, constipation, and consistent pressure on the chest for a few hours every day. Her symptoms would turn worse after lying down and having spicy foods. She was taking Tablet. Dexilant 60 mg per day (Proton pump inhibitor) due to which no major changes occurred in her complaints. She was unable to lie down flat on the bed because of acid reflux, and she had to elevate her bed to a certain angle then only she was able to sleep at night. She started treatment with Dr. Shah on 23rd January 2017.
In addition to this, she was suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome/Ulnar neuropathy. She was Hypothyroid and was taking Thyronorm 0.088 mcg per day with which her Thyroid levels were under control.
Her appetite was normal, and she was fond of spicy and salted foods in general. She disliked sweets. Her thirst for water was normal, and she had no complaints related to her stools or urine. She would rarely sweat due to the extremely cold and dry weather in Canada. She would be more comfortable in a hot climate. Her menses were regular. Her sleep was disturbed due to the reflux problem.
She was working as a software engineer in Canada for the last 18 years, but, because of her Ulnar neuropathy problem, she left her job. She was unable to type on a keyboard for more than 20 minutes. Her hand capacity was limited to light work only. She was referred to a surgeon for definitive treatment for ulnar nerve, and, in between, had undergone some kind of massage, wherein because of the maltreatment by massage therapist she got ligament injury at the lumbar spine. So, all her health issues compelled her to leave her job. She was staying with her husband and son. She migrated to Canada from India in 2009, culturally she and her family got easily adjusted in Canada but, since she left the job, she felt isolated as no more social mixing was possible for her. She had a good childhood and was very sincere, hard-working, ambitious in studies, and achieved her professional goals. She was a perfectionist. 
The prolonged illness of her hands, which didn't solve by any treatment, created health issues differently. She gradually started to lose muscle strength because of which she suffered from anxiety and fears. She started practicing meditation to cope up with her stress. 
After her detailed case study, Dr. Shah prescribed Nitric acid 30 4 pills 3 times per day for 4 months.
On 27th April 2017, after 4 months of Homeopathic treatment, her relief in the complaints improved a little bit. She was still taking the Tablet. Dexilant and was following the diet strictly. She avoided eating citrus and spicy foods.
With a further 8 months of homeopathic treatment, she experienced many positive changes in her GERD symptoms and some improvement in terms of food tolerance. She was able to tolerate certain foods in limited quantities, for instance, Mango, Avocadoes without stomach or chest pain. However, even after lying down on the elevated bed after 2 hours of having the meal during the daytime, she experienced regurgitation of the food. Still, she faced issues while sleeping flat on the bed. Her relief in the symptoms of GERD was a lot better, but she was unable to lie down flat on the bed. And, because of sleeping in an elevated bed position, she faced the problem of neck pain. She was still taking the Tablet. Dexilant 60 mg daily. She also mentioned that she was unable to handle her fear; and she was unable to keep her depressed feelings in control with meditation alone. Dr. Shah prescribed medicines to the patient after considering the underlying stress and depression.
Based on the feedback, she has prescribed a remedy Natrum Sulph 30 along with another remedy Carbo veg 30 for 4 months.
Based on the feedback dated 4th March 2018, she was better at her relief in GERD and anxiety problems by more than 50%. Also, she was taking Tablet. Dexilant 30 mg instead of 60 mg on alternate days.
With further homeopathic treatment, her dependency on conventional treatment for her GERD complaint was reduced. The dose of Tab. Dexilant was tapered gradually. 
In her latest feedback dated 3rd Aril 2020, she mentioned that she was better in her relief in the complaint by more than 90%. The symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, regurgitation, bloating, and gases were reduced considerably. She was able to eat citrus and spicy foods. In a week, at least for 3-4 days, she was able to lie down flat on the bed and didn't experience the silent reflux, but, for the rest of 2-3 days, she experienced the problem but the symptoms were mild. She is continuing with the treatment for a complete recovery.
This case highlights that Homeopathy helps to treat GERD at the root level and not just symptomatically. The patient was able to tolerate all kinds of foods to which she was sensitive to earlier and was able to stop her conventional medicines successfully. Homeopathy offers immense relief in GERD safely without any side-effects.
-Written by Dr. Mithila K., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. (Hom)

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