A Lady With Vitiligo Got Treated Effectively At Life Force Homeopathy

A 65-year-old lady, Mrs. U.T.H. (PIN: 25145) approached Life Force Homeopathy on 16th March 2015 to obtain relief from Vitiligo. She was suffering from Vitiligo (also called Leukoderma) and was having multiple small white patches since 2014 on her both the hands and legs which were spreading gradually. She got a small white/ hypopigmented spot on her neck in February 2015 that scared her off, for which she consulted a k’. The dermatologist prescribed a few immuno-suppressants to her, but she didn’t feel like following conventional treatment. Hence, she chose to take safe medicines by going for Homeopathy at Life Force.


Past History:

She had undergone Hysterectomy 15 years back due to fibroid uterus. Also, she had Cervical Spondylosis, which got treated effectively with Homeopathy.

The patient had multiple health issues: She was a known case of Hypertension (from the last 30 years) and Diabetes Mellitus (from 12 long years) which were under control with conventional treatment. Also, she was diagnosed with an Underactive Thyroid (high TSH level) 2 years back, but she never opted for any medication for it.


Family History:

She had a very strong Genetic History of Hypertension and Diabetes.


Personal History:

She was a vegetarian and couldn't tolerate sour food. She had a minor issue related to her bowel movement on and off due to stress and dietary changes. Thermally, she was a very chilly person.


Self & Family Set-up:

She was a homemaker, and, earlier, she was a teacher by profession. She was a mild, friendly, and very emotional lady. She was living with her husband. She had two daughters, who were married and well-settled. No major stress was present in her life, apart from her health issues. She was getting frequent dreams that her whole face will get covered with white spots (Vitiligo), which scared her a lot.



Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed research-based medicines to the patient. She was also given necessary instructions regarding proper diet and regimen to be followed and was guided to manage her stress levels. Along with that, she was advised to start thyroid supplements for her Underactive Thyroid.


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The patient visited us for her 1st follow-up on 1st May 2015 after following the homeopathic treatment for two months. Visible re-pigmentation had started in the spots on her both hands. Also, the spread had slowed down, but she was still getting new spots. As advised, she has started with Thyroid supplements.


On 23rd October 2015, she reported a further reduction in the frequency of the development of new spots. Repigmentation was observed on the spots on both her hands. The small white spot on her neck had re-pigmented completely. Her thyroid level was within the normal limit, and her stress level was reduced. Her fear of vitiligo was reduced a bit as now she was not complaining of her scary dreams.


By May 2016, there was a continued improvement observed in her recovery from vitiligo. Also, the new spots were showing re-pigmentation. She had got a small spot on her mammae in February 2016, which was improving too.


On 3rd May 2017, she had experienced a 75%-80% recovery from the old spots. The tendency of the new spot was still there (a new tiny spot was there on the elbow and legs). Her case was reviewed which showed a fluctuation in her Thyroid level. Accordingly, the necessary changes were made in the prescription.


At the follow-up on 8th May 2018, she had experienced a complete recovery from the white spots on her both the hands, elbow, and neck. A few tiny spots were left on her both the legs. No new white spots had appeared since the last 2-3 months. Her Diabetes and Blood pressure were under control with conventional treatment, but her Thyroid levels showed the fluctuation on and off which was affecting her recovery from vitiligo.


When she gave a follow-up on 5th December 2018, constant fluctuation in her Thyroid was observed as her TSH level had been high twice in the last 6 months, which had led to the development of a few new hypopigmented spots on her hands and legs. She was advised to have a regular check on her Thyroid and her Thyroid supplements were increased. Also, the necessary changes were made in her prescription for further improvement.


At her recent follow-up on 10th May 2019, the patient reported no development of new spots in the last 4 months. Visible re-pigmentation was observed in the vitiligo spots. As guided, she is following her diet and regimen well. Her thyroid level is under control since February 2019. She is continuing the homeopathic treatment to control the tendency of the development of new spots and to achieve a further improvement in recovery from Vitiligo.



This case is the perfect example illustrating the role of Homeopathy in treating a difficult auto-immune condition like Vitiligo. Also, it shows the relation between Vitiligo and Thyroid, which suggests the necessity to evaluate and manage the thyroid level in any case of Vitiligo.


  • Written by Dr. Nutan Singh, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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