Complete Recovery From Pityriasis Versicolor Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 16-year-old boy, Mr. M.A.C. (PIN: 36514) visited Life Force center with his mother in April 2018 for getting his complaint of Asthmatic bronchitis treated. He was suffering from this complaint for four years, but he was asymptomatic at the time of consultation due to the continuous intake of steroids for four months. The patient was allergic to many things, such as soybean, coconut, groundnut, bajra, jowar, potato, cockroach, housefly, house dust, grasshopper, cotton dust, wheat grain, cow dander, dog dander, drugs like beta-lactam penicillin, sulphonamides, NSAIDs, beta-blockers, and some more things. Besides this, he was also suffering from obesity and G6PD deficiency. For these complaints, he started the treatment with Life Force.

In July 2018, he reported a very good improvement in his relief in Asthmatic Bronchitis. He stopped his inhalers and other conventional medicine. At the same time, he informed about a new complaint of Pityriasis Versicolor, so he was advised to start a new treatment for this complaint. He had developed dull hypopigmented patches on his neck, cheeks, and forehead. He was experiencing very severe itching. No other symptoms were present.

He was a non-vegetarian by diet and was very fond of spicy foods, particularly chicken. His stool was hard but satisfactory. His perspiration was profuse and offensive. His sleep was sound.

He was studying in class 10th. His father was working in Saudi, and his mother was a homemaker. He had one sister who was married. He was short-tempered by nature and used to get irritated over trivial matters. He was attached to his mother. He was good at academics.

He had gastroenteritis in the past. In his family, his father was suffering from diabetes and allergy. His paternal grandparents were suffering from diabetes, and grandmother was suffering from asthma.

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him Tuberculinim 1 M 1 dose and his research-based molecule for Pityriasis Versicolor. In his blood reports, his IgE level was high and vitamins were deficient so he was advised to take the vitamin supplements.


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On 13th September 2018, when he gave his first feedback for Pityriasis Versicolor, his condition was 50% improved. He was relieved of his main complaint of itching completely. No new spots had appeared. In addition to this, his relief from asthmatic bronchitis complaints had also improved.

On 21st January 2019, he reported a 75% improvement in his condition. He had just hypopigmented spots left on the face and neck because his itching was already cured a few months back. Now, his hypopigmented patches had turned dull in color.

In April 2019, the patient informed that he had experienced a complete recovery from his hypopigmented patches and dryness. His relief in the respiratory complaint had also improved by 50%. His parents were happy with the result.

On 29th July 2019, he visited the center for the feedback. He was recovered from his skin complaint so he was advised to stop the treatment for it.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating Pityriasis Versicolor and asthmatic bronchitis successfully & safely without any side-effects.


(Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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