A 49 yr Old Nurse Finds Relief In Chronic Autoimmune Disease With Homeopathy

A 49-year-old lady, Ms. N.S. (PIN: 37550) visited the Borivali branch of Life Force on 3rd August 2018 with the diagnosis of Antisynthetase syndrome. This is a chronic autoimmune condition that affects the muscles and various parts of the body. There might be inflammation of the muscles or pain and inflammation of the joints. It may also affect the skin and lung of the individual.

Ms. N.S. was suffering from the pain in the muscles, particularly, of the arms and thighs and swelling of the joints. She complained of extreme weakness. She was on conventional medicines for the past 10 years. She would suffer from a generalized swelling if she did not take the conventional medications. She would also suffer from fever with chills if she skipped the conventional medicines. She was detected to have Antisynthetase syndrome from 10 years, and it had been progressing from the last five years. She also complained of redness and dryness in the eyes. Her CPK was high and, on investigations, she was positive for Anti-Jo-1 antibodies and Anti RO 52- KD antibodies.

Her complaints would get aggravated after having non-vegetarian food.

She was on steroids and immunosuppressants since 2014.

Along with this, she also complained of constipation since 2014. She had to strain to pass the stools, and her stools were hard. This could be the side-effects of the drugs that she was already taking.

She had a poor appetite and was following a mixed diet. She loved eating curds and did not like spicy food. She didn’t feel very thirsty. She used to sweat more on the back and could not tolerate the cold climate. She used to wake up very often at night and had no sound sleep.

Ms. N.S. was a nurse at a hospital. She was married for the last 25 years, and her husband was working as a clerk. She had a son and a daughter and both were studying.

She had a happy childhood and teenage. Also, her married life was good.

Ms. N.S. was expressive, nervous, and anxious by nature. She could get irritable soon and was very suspicious.

In the past, she had suffered from piles and had undergone cauterization for the same.

Her father and paternal uncle had Diabetes Mellitus. Both her siblings had piles.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed his research-based molecules to the patient.


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Ms. N.S. came for her first follow up on 22nd September 2018 and she said she was slightly better. The pain in her joints had reduced, and the pain in muscles had reduced too. Her relief in breathlessness was better than before. Also, the redness and dryness of her eyes had reduced. Her relief in constipation was also better. She complained of acidity from one and a half months. She used to suffer from the burning in the chest. Dr. Shah revised her medicines.

In the second follow up on 3rd November 2018, Ms. N.S. said she was 20% better in terms of relief. The pain and swelling in her joints had reduced further. Also, her relief in all her other complaints was better. She had stopped taking one of the steroid medicines from the last 20 days. Her acidity complaint, which she had in the last follow-up, had reduced.

During the follow-up on the 23rd of January 2019, Ms. N.S. mentioned that she was 70% better than before. The pain and swelling of her joints had reduced a lot. The generalized swelling over the body had reduced. She did not get a fever, and her relief from breathlessness was better than before. Her relief in constipation and acidity was better too.

The patient visited our Chembur branch for the follow-up on 15th April 2019. She had come up with the infection of the throat, cold, and cough. The relief from the swelling and pain in her joints was better. Dr. Shah revised her medicines as per the symptoms that she mentioned.

On 5th July 2019, Ms. N.S. reported us saying that she was further better. The relief in all her complaints was better. She was still on conventional medicines.

In the latest follow-up on 30th September 2019, Ms. N.S. said she was overall better than earlier, but her skin complaints had aggravated from the last 12 days. There was no cracking of the skin like before, but the itching was present on the fingers. She said that she was stressed out a little from 15 to 20 days as she was shifting the house. She had not taken the immunosuppressant Folitrax for 15 days. But, her relief in the pain and swelling of the joints was better than earlier. She had a slight weakness. There were no episodes of cold or fever. From a month, she has discontinued the conventional medicine Omnacortil.

The patient continues with the treatment as she is feeling much better. Although she is on conventional medications, her relief in the symptoms is improving even after the reduction of immunosuppressants and steroids.



Antisynthetase syndrome, being a chronic auto-immune disease, may need homeopathic treatment for a longer period. The exact cause of the disease is unknown. The auto-antibodies may arise after a viral infection. The treatment is based on signs and symptoms. In the conventional system of medicine, the patient may have to be dependent on steroids and immunosuppressants. Homeopathy has a supportive role in treating such diseases to relieve you of the symptoms symptomatically, to reduce the dependency on conventional medicines, and to get rid of the side-effects of conventional medications.


(Written by Dr. Chetali Damania, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)


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