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A 12-Year-Old Girl From The United States With A Difficult Variant Of Vitiligo Showed Complete Re-pigmentation

Aunt of Miss. R.M. (LFMPL PIN: 20504), who was 12 years old from the United States, was worried about her niece's Vitiligo. Miss. R.M. was suffering from Vitiligo since 2007, and, gradually, it started to spread. Through their search on the web, they found Dr. Shah's website and communicated with a team of doctors and shared the disease pictures and case history of the child. She was having moderately-sized patches approximately 2 cm in size on her genitals, lips, hand bilaterally, legs, and around eyes. In her family, her paternal uncle had Vitiligo, so it was genetic in her case. Before approaching for Homeopathic treatment, she was applying steroids. They started with the Homeopathic treatment of Dr. Shah in March 2012.


Dr. Shah prescribed HYDROCOTYLE ASIATICA 30 along with his research-based molecules for 4 months to the patient.


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At her first follow-up on 26th July 2012, the mother of the patient informed that the patient was better by 75%. The spots on her genitals, around the eyes, on the lips, and both hands had shown 75% re-pigmentation, however, at the same time, they had noticed some new spots near her lips. The spots on her legs were as it is.


In her feedback dated 12th November 2012, the spots were almost as it is. There was no further improvement in her condition, and the spot near the lip was gradually spreading. Dr. Shah increased the potency of the medicines.


As there was no further improvement, they stopped the treatment from Dr. Shah and tried other herbal medicines for 10 months. However, they approached Life Force once again in December 2013, as the herbal medicines didn't work. Earlier, she had shown a 75% improvement in her recovery from the vitiligo spots with Dr. Shah’s medicines. So, they decided to restart the Homeopathic treatment.


In her feedback dated 23rd May 2014, she was better by 95%.


In November 2019, one of the relatives of Miss. R.M. from the USA and 2 other patients from Ethiopia visited our Life Force clinic to start the treatment. Her aunt gave the feedback that Miss. R.M. has recovered completely from Vitiligo and thanked Dr. Shah.


The following is the link for the video testimonial given by the patient's aunt on behalf of the patient.

Hotelier from the United States is grateful to Dr. Shah for niece's Vitiligo treatment


She has mentioned in the video that her niece, who resides in the USA, was treated by Dr. Shah for her Vitiligo and that she is completely better now with Dr. Shah's medicines. She trusts Dr. Shah's medicines, and whenever she sees someone suffering from Vitiligo, she recommends Life Force Homeopathy.



This case illustrates that in children even if it is a difficult variant of bilaterally symmetrical Vitiligo involving mucocutaneous areas (around eyes, lips, genitals), the chances of recovery from it are good after following long-term Homeopathic treatment. The patient did not require steroids or any external applications in the entire course of treatment.


(Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom))


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