A Patient Of Anxiety Neurosis Recovered Completely With Homeopathy

Mr. T.K. (PIN: 4285) visited Life Force Homeopathy Clinic in Chembur on 28th December 2009 with his complaints of Anxiety Neurosis.

He was suffering from the complaints of anxiety neurosis from the last 4-6 months. He had work-related stress, as there was a lot of work pressure at his office. The patient was a software engineer, and he was unable to cope up with the pressure he was subjected to in the office. He had frequent arguments with his boss. He used to feel angry but he could not express it, and it was contained within himself. When alone, he felt like throwing resignation on his boss's face but couldn't do so. So, there was a lot of frustration and nervousness. He was experiencing a lack of self-confidence. His sex life was also affected. Also, his relations with family were getting affected adversely. He started eating more when depressed or stressed. His sleep was disturbed. He had body aches, pains, pain in the neck, and backache.

The patient was counseled, and, after a detailed case analysis, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines for Anxiety to the patient.


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On his first follow-up on 6th February 2010, the patient said that his anxiety had reduced, and he felt relaxed. Also, his anger had reduced. 

On the second follow-up on 9th April 2010, the patient mentioned that his anxiety had reduced significantly. He was feeling relaxed. His self-confidence was also increasing. His irritability had reduced. Now, he was feeling less irritated with his wife and family.

When he gave the third follow-up on 6th May 2010, he mentioned that his Anxiety had reduced, and he was turned calm and cool. His fears had reduced. He used to feel claustrophobic when in crowded places but now feels comfortable.

Later, when he gave a follow-up on 26th July 2010, he mentioned that he was fine but was feeling lazy in the evenings.

On his follow-up on 27th December 2010, he mentioned that he was experiencing itching on both his palms and it was related to anxiety. He had joined a new job at a very high post, but it required a lot of physical work so he was a bit nervous. Still, he had thoughts about his past job. He used to brood over his old job where he was mistreated and always thought about seeking revenge.

Later, when he visited the clinic on 25th December 2019, to start treatment for his complaints of hyperpigmentation, he informed that his recovery from anxiety 100% achieved. All his concerns, fears, anger, and irritation were no more. His relations with his colleagues and family were much better now. 

The patient is very happy with the homeopathic treatment at Life Force and is seeking treatment for his other health problem now.



This case illustrates that homeopathy is very effective in treating psychological conditions, such as anxiety neurosis, successfully without any side-effects.


  • Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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