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Twenty years old young girl Miss. M.S.D. visited Life Force on 27th February 2010 for the complaint of irregular menses. She got her menses once in every two to two and half months. Her menarche was at the age of 11 years. The flow was normal, lasting for five to six days. She would get severe pain in abdomen for the first two days of menses. Dr. Rajesh Shah advised her to go for abdominal sonography. It was diagnosed as PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease)  in the sonography. She also had a complaint of acne. Her acne complaint increased few days before her menses. Even when she missed her menses, she reported an increase in her acne. She also had hair fall.

There was a history of six to seven kg weight gain in one year. She was on hormonal supplements for two months, but she had stopped taking it because of the side effects.

Her appetite was average; she had craving for sweets. She would sweat profusely on palms and soles. Urination, bowel habits, and sleep were normal.

Miss. M.S.D. was a second year engineering student. She was a shy and reserved person; she had stress related to her studies.

Based on the above case details, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed Pulsatilla 30 C and then 200 C. In first two months, she got her menses only once. This time pain was there for initial two days but she could tolerate the pain. The intensity of the pain had reduced.

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In further follow-ups, she reported that she got menses after one and half months. The intensity of pain was reduced further. Menses used to last for 5-6 days. Gradually her menstrual cycle got regular. She started getting menses every month, regularly. Her acne reduced substantially and her hair fall problem had also reduced very well. She was advised for weight reduction. Dr. Shah advised her to go to follow up sonography. Sonography was done on 13th May 2011, which stated reduction in the size of cysts.

She got relief in all the complaints related to PCOD. The same remedy helped her to regularize her menses, reduce hair fall, and reduce her acne. Her follow up USG demonstrated a reduction in the cysts. Thus, there was a change in the functional and the structural level, both. This can be stated as an ideal cure. Homeopathic remedies act definitively and curatively in PCOD. They go deep into the system and heal from within.

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