A Kid With Chronic ADHD Improved Significantly With Homeopathy

A young boy visited the Life Force center along with his parents in December 2014 for the treatment of his complaint of ADHD. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a developmental and behavioral disorder in which a child or an adult consistently display certain characteristic behaviors, such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive attitude. His patient identification number (PIN) is 24273. During his first visit, the patient's mother informed that the patient's concentration, grasping, and observation all were good, but he couldn't focus. He was very restless; he couldn't sit at a place for a long time. He got angry easily and was aggressive. He would shout when angry but used to cool down easily. He faced difficulty in mixing with other children. He had taken Ayurvedic treatment for it. His parents were worried about his future. So, they started the homeopathic treatment for him.

In addition to ADHD, the child had nocturnal enuresis and obesity complaint.

In the detail case taking, his physical generals and mental generals were noted.

He was a vegetarian by diet. His appetite and thirst were excessive. He liked rajma rice a lot. He didn't like sweets. His bowel movement, perspiration, and urination were normal. Thermally, he was a hot patient. His sleep was sound.

He was the student of the 7th standard. His father was in the Army and posted in Mumbai. His mother was a homemaker. He has one sister, who was studying in 2nd year of graduation. Mentally, he was confident, expressive, and loquacious. He was a pampered child. He was more attached to his mother, but, as per the patient, she was constantly correcting (nagging) him. 

In his family, his paternal grandparents were suffering from hypertension. And, his maternal grandfather had diabetes and maternal grandmother had cancer.

After the detailed case study, Dr. Shah prescribed Causticum 30 and his research-based molecule to the patient.

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After taking the homeopathic medicinal course for four months, the patient’s mother informed some positive change in his behavior. His relief in restlessness and concentration was showing some improvement. His bedwetting complaint had also reduced. Except for this, no significant changes were observed. So, his parents stopped the treatment.

But, after one year, they contacted again, and they wanted to restart the treatment. After reviewing his case again, the next medicine was prescribed to the patient.

After restarting the homeopathic treatment, in the initial months, he experienced some changes in restlessness. But, a few months after, his condition responded well to homeopathy. His restlessness and concentration complaints had reduced by more than 20%-25%. He was more social which he was not in the past. His nocturnal enuresis complaint was reduced by 75%.

After following the homeopathic treatment for a year, his condition was improving. There was an improvement in his behavior. He was more social now and could easily mix up with others. His irritability had reduced. His hyperactivity and restlessness had reduced. He could sit at a place for a longer time.

As per the nature of the disease, drastic changes were difficult in the condition. But, reasonable positive changes were observed in his condition. His parents were satisfied with the result.

Presently, he was preparing for his board examination. Due to the significant improvement in his overall health, the parents wanted to stop the medicine.



Recovery in any disease always depends on its nature and severity. As well as, every pathy has its limitations. In ADHD, Homeopathy is effective in reducing its symptoms without any side-effect. This is indicated in this case.

  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, HOM).
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