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A 58-Year-Old Patient Got Rid Of His Leg Pain With Homeopathic Medicine

A 58-year-old middle-class patient, Mr. C. G. (PIN: 38201) consulted at Life Force in October 2018 for his chronic leg pain complaint. He had been suffering from this complaint for 6 to 7 years. He was suffering from the complaint of varicose vein also. For that, he was advised to do the surgery by his physician. On examination, no varicose veins were visible. The patient had severe pulling-type of pain in his calves’ muscles and left ankle. He was unable to stand. He had the sensation of heat in the soles. His pain would get aggravated most often on standing, exertion, exposure to the cold wind, and change of the weather. He had taken conventional medicine but didn't get a satisfactory result. The patient had a history of piles.

In addition to it, he was also suffering from eczema and hypertension. His blood pressure was stable with conventional medicine. For eczema, he was applying an ointment for a few months.


Physical Generals:

He was a vegetarian with no specific liking and disliking. His thirst, sleep, bowel movement, and other generals were normal.

In his family, his father had asthma. Except for this, there was no other specific family medical history.

He was living in Mumbai with his wife. He was working in a shop for 38 years. Both his sons were settled in their life. He lived a very simple and quiet life. He was a very sober, polite, confident, and expressive person, but, due to his job, he was stressed.

After the detail case study, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based molecule to the patient. The patient was also advised to take calcium and vitamin supplements.

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After six weeks of following the homeopathic treatment, the patient reported some improvement in his relief in the leg pain. His pain and heat sensation both had reduced in terms of intensity.

After completing his 4 to 5 months’ courses of medicine, he visited at the Life Force center in April 2019. He informed 80% improvement in his relief in the pain complaint. He could now walk and stand comfortably. Still, he was advised to avoid a long walk and continuous standing.

The patient was regular with his medicines & doing exercise daily that was advised to him.

In August 2019, he reported an excellent recovery from his complaint and discomforts. His pain was mainly in his calves’ muscles and ankles, but, after 10 months of following the homeopathic medicine, his leg pain had vanished. He experienced a complete recovery from the burning in the sole complaint. He could now stand and walk comfortably.

As he no more experienced any pain, he was advised to stop the treatment but do the regular exercise and health check-up.



This case highlights that, in such painful cases, Homeopathic medicines work deeply in the system and also work on the causative factors to help you obtain relief. Homeopathic medicine provides an excellent result in the relief in chronic muscle and joint pain complaints safely without any side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah



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