Chronic Urticaria Responded Well To Homeopathic Medicine

An engineer Mr. R. R. (PIN: 27608) was living his life happily, and, suddenly, he observed mild sporadic red hive-like eruptions appearing daily on different parts of his body. The condition was diagnosed as Urticaria. The patient was suffering from severe episodes of urticaria in which eruptions appeared on his whole body. He was also suffering from faintness. The frequency of these episodes of urticaria was once in four months. Redness, itching, burning sensation, and heat tendency were present in the eruptions. For that, he had taken anti-histamine medicine as per the severity of an episode. Besides this, he had taken Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic medicine from another center. But, his condition was progressing slowly. So, he consulted at Life Force in 2016. During the consultation, he mentioned that he was suffering from this complaint from five years.

In addition to it, he was also suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) from four years.

In his detail case taking, it was found that mental stress, particularly his job stress, triggered his urticaria. As per his mental aspects, he was reserved by nature. He didn’t talk much. He didn’t like crowded places, so he tried to avoid the use of the local train. He got angry rarely, but he had a severe job and work stress.

Physically, he was a non-vegetarian and very fond of non-vegetarian food, particularly chicken and fish. Except for this, his thirst was excessive, and his perspiration was also profuse. His other physical generals, such as sleep, bowel movement, and urination, were normal.

He was unmarried. His father was a retired engineer. His mother was a homemaker. He had one sister, who was married.

There was no specific past medical history concerning the patient. But, in his family, his parents were suffering from diabetes, and his sister had urticaria. 

After a detailed case study and evaluation, Dr. Shah has prescribed his research-based molecule to the patient and advised some blood investigation.


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After following homeopathic medicine for one month, his condition showed slight positive changes in terms of relief.

After a few months of following homeopathic treatment, his recovery from the condition was 30% improved. His relief in itching, redness, and burning sensation had improved by 30%. The patient was experiencing mild sporadic eruptions daily, but its intensity had reduced. The repetition of the eruptions in a day too had reduced. The patient felt better after the reduction in the intensity of the eruptions and other symptoms.

After two years of following homeopathic treatment, his relief in urticaria complaint was 50% improved. His dependency on anti-histamine medicine had also reduced. His relief in the other complaint of IBS had also improved by 50%. 

After one more year of following the homeopathic treatment, he experienced very good improvement in his recovery from urticaria complaint. He had not experienced any severe episodes of urticaria for many months. As well as, the mild episode which he was experiencing daily in his past was also reduced a lot. All the symptoms, such as itching, burning sensation, and redness, which used to disturb the patient had also reduced a lot. He had already stopped using anti-histamine medicine. But, for further recovery, he was continuing the medicine.

On 11th July 2019, he reported about his condition. He has not experienced an episode of urticaria in the last six weeks. No hive-like eruptions had appeared. This was the first time after many years that the patient lived without urticaria complaints. He was quite happy.

At the end of the year also, his condition was the same i.e. good. He had not experienced any major episodes of urticaria for many months. But, sometimes, he had observed very mild eruptions on his body, but he recovered from them within a few minutes. His condition was 90%-95% improved, but he was continuing the medicine for total recovery.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic urticaria incredibly and safely without any side-effects. Also, homeopathy helps eliminate the dependency on antihistamines.

  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D., HOM)
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