A Ugandan Female Finds Complete Relief In Her Linear Lichen Planus With Homeopathy

A 35-year-old lady, Mrs. A.L. (PIN: 20269) started developing itchy, purple, flat-topped papules (bumps) approximately 1/2 cm in a linear distribution along her upper right arm. Gradually, it started to spread down to the elbow and right hand towards her palm. She experienced mild itching in a few lesions and had hyperpigmented scars left after the lesions healed. Initially, she thought that it is a heat rash and ignored it for a few weeks, however, slowly these small papules started to coalesce which was indicative of the worsening of the disease and the possibility of disease progression. So, she visited the pharmacy and used the anti-fungal cream, which did not help. Instead, her lesions continued to spread out, thereby prompting her to seek the help of a dermatologist who diagnosed it as Linear lichen planus. She took a Tablet. Prednisolone for a few weeks and stopped. After stopping the steroid, she started noticing new lesions. So, she visited another dermatologist who told her that it is incurable and again prescribed Tablet. Prednisolone and Clobetasol propionate ointment to the patient. Ointment and oral steroids helped her, however, she realized that it is helping her temporarily. Her quests to find the solution for her Linear Lichen planus led her to the internet and she found the Life Force website. She coordinated with a team of online doctors and opted for the treatment in January 2012.

After proper evaluation of the case, Dr. Shah prescribed Kali Iodatum-30 four pills three times per day for four months.


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At her first follow-up on 18th May 2012, the patient had experienced improvement but the response was a mixed response. She had relief in her old lesions and the improvement in her relief was around 80%. However, at the same time, she had developed new lesions. On a detailed inquiry, it was found that the patient was 3-month pregnant, and the major hormonal changes which take place in the female body during pregnancy may fluctuate the recovery. Some lesions may heal, however, at the same time, the new lesions may crop up. It was explained to the patient and counseled her to continue the medicines. The patient was off steroidal treatment since the start of homeopathic treatment.

After that, she directly gave feedback after 2 years. She was in Mumbai, India for her son's Adenoid treatment; so, she personally visited the clinic on 25th April 2014. She informed us that, after the second batch of medicines which were sent in May 2012, her recovery from the lesions of lichen planus was much better & she was not experiencing any itching. However, again since January 2014, she had started to notice a few mild lesions on her right arm, and on & off she was using steroids. As Kali Iodatum had helped her earlier, Dr. Shah prescribed the same medicines with an increased potency to the patient.

After 4 months of following homeopathic medicines, on 21st November 2014, the patient reported that no new eruptions had appeared. The relief in her older eruptions was much better. She was 90% better than earlier. 

In September 2015, she informed that she had started to notice new mild lesions after eating green chilies daily. She was very irregular in taking homeopathic medicines, so she was experiencing relapses on & off. 

After that, she directly visited the clinic on 23rd January 2020 to restart the treatment for her recurrent headache complaint and also started the treatment for her son's Adenoid problem. She is completely better in her relief in the old Lichen planus complaint. She is always happy with the services provided by Life Force and has given the video testimonial.


Following is the link of the video testimonial given by the patient:



This case illustrates that Linear Lichen Planus is a rare presentation of lichen planus, however, homeopathy works wonderfully in such rare, difficult auto-immune conditions and provides long-lasting positive effects compared to the conventional line of treatment which gives just a temporary relief. 


  • Written by Dr. Mithila Kargar, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. (Hom)
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