An Israeli Lady With Chronic 26 Years Persistent Hailey–Hailey Disease Finds Complete Relief With Homeopathy

In 1991, for the first time, Mrs. M.S. (PIN: 24507) aged 56 years noticed a small outbreak of a rash on her neck which lasted for years. And, in 1993 post-delivery of her second baby, she started experiencing blisters and rashes occurring on and off on her neck. Between 1999-2000, she had some family stress, after which she started noticing more blisters not only on her neck but also under the breast. The flare-ups were increasing every year and, in 2012, it started to appear in the armpits and groins. The biopsy was done which turned out to be positive for Hailey Hailey disease. Her father and sister suffered from Hailey-Hailey disease. She had blisters and erosions in the skin folds, such as armpits, groins, neck, and under the breast. She was working as a Finance Associate in UNDP-United Nations Development Programme. Her lesions got so worse that she was unable to sit and walk. Also, there was a secondary infection in the lesions with foul-smelling discharge so she left her job and sat at home. Her husband was an Anesthesiologist and medical director in Israel, and they tried all sorts of treatment, right from topical and oral corticosteroids, antibiotics, antihistamines to Grenz ray therapy (soft radiations to suppress the lesions). Everything was giving her temporary relief, and the flare-ups would stop but every time relapsed aggressively. She was getting resistant to all sorts of treatments. Before starting the homeopathic treatment, she took around 40 strong antibiotic injections to control the lesions. She communicated with the Life Force team on 2nd March 2017 and started with the online treatment protocol.


After studying her case history in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed SILICEA 30 six pills twice a day for 4 months to the patient.

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After 16 weeks of following homeopathic medicines, in June 2017, she was almost 80% better. Her erosions had dried, and the blisters were healing. She no more experienced pain and burning discomfort. Occasionally, she experienced mild itching. Dr. Shah prescribed the same medicines, as she had wonderfully responded to SILICEA in her first follow-up itself. The patient was off the steroidal treatment since the start of homeopathic treatment.

When the patient gave the second follow-up on 3rd November 2017, new erosions were observed. But, her recovery from the old erosions was further better. She was no more experiencing any itching. Also, she was no more experiencing a burning sensation in any of the lesions.

On 15th February 2018, the patient informed us that she was persistently doing well. She had experienced around 90% relief in her neck lesions. The lesions on the neck and under the breast were much better, however, the thick hyperpigmented lesions in the armpit and groins were responding slowly. Dr. Shah revised the prescription and prescribed MYRISTICA 30 along with SILICEA 30.

Consequently, follow-ups were taken, and, by the end of 2.5 years of the homeopathic treatment, the patient experienced around 90% recovery from the Hailey Hailey lesions. Yes, in between she was noticing the flare-ups but was able to manage without using any steroids or antibiotics. The flare-ups were not as severe as before. With some lifestyle modifications, proper diet, and revising the medicines, the case is well-managed only with Homeopathy.

Mrs. M.S. is very happy and satisfied with the homeopathic treatment. She is still under Dr. Shah's care.



The Hailey-Hailey disease is a rare difficult genetic disorder. Many times, the condition becomes resistant to conventional treatment. But, Homeopathy is at your rescue and it plays a vital role in treating the condition. This case illustrates that homeopathy has a good scope in the treatment of Hailey Hailey disease. Homeopathic medicines have disease-modifying capacities in several difficult disease conditions, such as Hailey-Hailey disease. Homeopathic medicines help to correct the altered immune system and can even work in such genetically mediated diseases.


  • Written by Dr. Mithila Kargar, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. (Hom)


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