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A 50-Year-Old Working Professional Relieved Of 14 Years Persistent Psoriasis In 1 Year At Life Force Homoeopathy

A 50-year-old male patient, Mr. S.B.M. (PIN: 38870) came to Life Force Homeopathy Pimpri clinic in December 2018 for the treatment of his chronic Psoriasis of 14 years.

Psoriasis had affected both his hands, arms, forearms, both the legs and below the knees.

He presented with red scaly patches over the affected parts with tremendous itching & scaling which led to bleeding sometimes and burning more often than not.

He had tried all kinds of treatment to get rid of his stubborn Psoriasis, such as conventional steroidal local applications, Laser treatment, Leech therapy, & Ayurveda.

To his agony, none of the treatments were working for him. Steroidal creams provided him temporary relief but could not treat his more complicated deep-seated disease of Psoriasis.

The patient was a pure vegetarian and had an average appetite. He had a special liking for spicy food. He had a very strong addiction to cigarettes mounting up to 20 a day.

He had an average thirst & body. He hardly experienced perspiration. He felt comfortable in a medium temperature range only. His digestion was good, & he had no urinary complaints too. He has an average height of 5 feet 6 inches but a bulky body with weight around 95 kgs. He had good sound adequate sleep.

He had a good childhood & upbringing, but his work atmosphere was taxing on his body & the mind alike. As a human, he was very lively, cheerful, & happy-go-lucky.

He had a strong family medical history of diabetes & an underactive thyroid.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. studied the entire case thoroughly and a prescription of his highly advanced research-based medicines was prescribed to the patient for 6 weeks.


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By March 2019, the patient’s complaints had reduced to 50% & he had a sigh of relief.

He was stable for a few months with further treatment at Life Force, but, due to some stress issues at work, there was a slight increase in his complaints & it required immediate attention. Accordingly, a prescription was made to him & his complaints were getting relieved with his condition getting restored to normalcy.

In October 2019, he came with a very happy face to the clinic mentioning a considerable reduction in his complaints of Psoriasis by more than 80%. Based on the status, the further prescription was made to the patient.

The patient visited the Life Force clinic in February 2020 with all praises for Dr. Rajesh Shah, as he got relieved of Psoriasis completely without any trace of scaling, itching, redness, burning, or bleeding. And, he got relieved of all these symptoms without any support from steroidal creams. Dr. Rajesh Shah’s pure scientific Homeopathic treatment promoted his recovery from psoriasis.

He thanked Dr. Rajesh Shah for providing him with such an excellent treatment that relieved him of the agony of the stubborn case of Psoriasis & he wished to meet Dr. Rajesh Shah in person to thank him for the great treatment.



This case highlights that homeopathy can work wonders in treating such chronic & stubborn cases of Psoriasis that are more complicated & difficult to treat due to the use of steroidal creams and that subjected the patient into a vicious cycle of suppression & aggravation, thereby causing a turmoil in the life of the patient emotionally.

Dr. Rajesh Shah has brought the smile & happiness back to the life of the patient sparking the hope to many other suffering patients for not only Psoriasis but many other autoimmune diseases, where many other prominent sciences fall short in providing any relief to the patient.


  • Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.


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