A difficult case of psoriasis finds cure with homeopathy. Strategic treatment required.

Thirty-three years old female Mrs. S.D.S, (Patient Identification Number 16076) visited Life Force on 18th May 2011 for the complaint of Psoriasis. She was suffering from Psoriasis since last three years. She was having Psoriasis on the abdomen, chest, behind both arms and thighs. There were moderate spots of Psoriasis on abdomen and thighs and small-scattered spots behind ears. She would get severe itching, scaling and pain on the affected area. There was oozing of sticky, offensive discharge from the lesions behind the ears. The lesions on abdomen and thighs were red and inflamed.

psoriasis on abdomen

She had used Dibovate (cortisone) cream for almost one year and Tacroz (local immunosuppressant) cream for two months. There was no major improvement in her Psoriasis with all these creams. She had also started homeopathic treatment from a local doctor since last one month, but it was not beneficial

Mrs. S.D.S was also suffering from Migraine since last 6-7 years. She would get right-sided headache once in 15 days and it would last for 1-2 days. She would require painkillers during every episode of pain.

She was having family history of Diabetes, high cholesterol and Migraine.

Her appetite was good. She had strong liking for sweets and dislike for spicy food. Bowel habits and thirst were normal. She would rarely perspire. She was more tolerant to heat as compared to cold. Her sleep was normal.

Mrs. S.D.S. was living in a joint family with her in laws, husband and five years old son. She was working as a manager in a private company. She was very reserved by nature; she would not share her feelings easily with others. She would like to stay alone. She was continuously occupied with thoughts about work and family. She was very worried about her Psoriasis as it was not responding to any treatment.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and she was prescribed Kali-Sulphuricum 30c along with research based remedies. There was initial improvement in her Psoriasis in the first month of the treatment. Oozing had reduced by 20-30%. There was 30-40% improvement in itching and scaling. The redness and pain were still the same.

psoriasis on abdomen

In the second month, again her Psoriasis started increasing. There were some new spots of Psoriasis on her thighs. She was anxious about this spread. It was explained to her that there are natural ups and downs in the initial few weeks of the treatment in chronic and difficult cases like Psoriasis. Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her progress report of those two months and next medicine was prescribed.

In her next visit on 17th August 2011, she reported 40-50% improvement in her Psoriasis. Oozing had reduced. Spots behind ears had reduced by 60-70%. Itching and scaling had reduced by 40-50%. Redness of spots on the abdomen and thighs had reduced. Considering this feedback, medicines for next six weeks were prescribed.

After six weeks, on 27th September 2011, she gave her feedback over the phone. There was no further improvement in her Psoriasis. Medicines were further upgraded. She visited the clinic on 5th October 2011. There was again some increase in her Psoriasis, but the intensity of the complaints had much reduced than previously. In her further follow up after 2 months, there was 70-80% improvement in her Psoriasis. Spots behind ears had completely healed. Oozing had stopped completely. Itching, scaling and redness were better by 70-80%. By 5th January 2012, there was 90% improvement in her Psoriasis.

This case illustrates that, in treatment of chronic skin conditions like Psoriasis, the response graph is not smooth downwards but with some ups and downs. With continuous homeopathic treatment, it can be completely treated.

Dr Shah always emphasizes that there is no short cut to the treatment of Psoriasis. However, with perseverance, one can stop the dependency on steroids and homeopathy can give that healing touch. One has to endure the flare up after stopping local cortisone. In three to five months, the skin starts to respond to Homeopathic medication and leads to a very beautiful recovery, as illustrated in this case study.

( Uploaded on 30th Jan 2012 by Dr. GAJ)

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