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An Indo-American With Steroid-Dependent Asthma Finds Complete Relief With Homeopathy

An 11-year-old male child, Mast. A.P. (PIN: 23797), who was suffering from Asthma since his childhood, approached Life Force for treating it. His frequency of getting Asthma episode was once a week, and it would last for 10 minutes. His episode would begin with sneezing, runny nose, then leading to a nose block and difficulty to inspire. His asthma would get worse after physical exertion or post performing exercise. He was allergic to all kinds of nuts, particularly peanut and tree nut. He was taking Arnuity (Corticosteroid) inhalation 200 mcg once a day, Dymista (Antihistamine + Steroid) nasal spray 137mcg/50mcg per spray once a day, and Montelukast (Antihistamine) chewable 5 mg once a day. He started with Homeopathic treatment on 1st March 2016.

Besides Asthma, he didn't suffer from any other major illness.

In his family, his father suffered from Vitiligo and Gout, for which he is under Dr. Shah's treatment and was doing much better.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Kali-carbonicum-30 four pills thrice a day for 4 months to the patient.

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At his first follow-up on 15th September 2016, the parents of the child informed that he had taken the homeopathic medicines quite irregularly, and, for first few weeks when the medicines were given regularly, his relief in asthma was better and, during his visit to the local physician, his breathing test showed improvement but later again came to the initial phase. Dr. Shah prescribed the same medicines with an increased dose and advised the patient to take the medicines regularly.

At the second follow-up on 5th December 2016, the patient’s frequency of getting episodes had reduced from once a week to once a month, and it would last for 10 minutes. During the acute episode, he still used conventional medicines, but he no more required to take Arnuity inhalation 200mcg (steroid) inhaler. His breathing test was done on 18th November 2016 which showed a good result, and he was improving.

Later, during the follow-up on 7th April 2017, the patient’s relief in the condition was better by 50%, but not much difference was observed after December 2016. Dr. Shah prescribed Lycopodium clavatum-30 along with previous medicines to the patient.

On 8th August 2018, the patient informed that he didn't suffer from any major Asthma episode in the last 4 months. Just once, he had a moderate episode and there was a need to take any conventional medicine Ventolin (Bronchodilator) 90 mcg only once. However, the patient’s parents were concerned about his breathing test as it didn't show any changes or improvements.

After 1.5 years of continuous homeopathic treatment, he was doing very well. From August 2017 to January 2018, he didn't experience a single episode and had not used any conventional medicines.

In July 2018, he had experienced some minor episodes due to pollen season, which were managed with a low dose of bronchodilators. His episodes increased in the pollen season.

In the next 6 months of following homeopathic medicines in April 2019, the patient’s parents informed that he was better by 75%. The frequency of getting episodes was once in 8 months, and he had not used any inhaler. Even though he had an Asthma episode, it lasted only for 5 minutes.

In the feedback dated 27th July 2019, the patient’s parents informed that he didn't have a single Asthma episode in the last 8 months. The patient is continuing with the treatment.


This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating Asthma in children incredibly and safely without any side-effects. When asthma is treated with the right Homeopathic medicines, it helps to reduce its frequency, duration, and intensity, and, most importantly, it reduces the need to take conventional medicines, such as steroid inhalers and spray.

  • Written by Dr. Mithila Kargar, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. (Hom)
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