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100% recovery in scalp psoriasis using homeopathic medicines at life force!

Mr P.J.P., twenty eight years old male (Patient Identification Number 17009) visited Life Force center on 17th September 2011 for the treatment of Psoriasis.

He had extensive scalp psoriasis along with sporadic lesions all over the body since 2 years. He had taken conventional medicines for 6 months 2 years back with good improvement. Once he stopped that treatment psoriasis got aggravated. Then he opted for homeopathic medicines with a local homeopathic doctor.

He was doing well with homeopathic medicines but as soon as he stopped the homeopathic medicines the lesions came back with the same intensity. He was nervous and frustrated and started thinking that psoriasis is incurable.

While surfing on internet he came to know about Dr Shah. He decided to opt for Dr Shahs experience and expertise in treating psoriasis.

His case details were noted. His disease started after a lot of stress in his personal life. He got married at the age of 24 and had a bad marriage. He got divorced after 1 year of marriage. This led to nervousness and frustration which were two main aspects of his nature. He was a sensitive and subdued person with a brooding tendency.

He had severe itching over the scalp with excessive scaling and redness. There were sporadic lesions all over the body with moderate itching. He had a marked desire for sweets and sour food. He was a smoker.

After considering his case details Dr Shah prescribed him with his constitutional medicines along with our research based medicines.

At 2 months follow up (Nov 11) Patient visited with marked improvement in itching. On examination it was found that his redness and scaling had also reduced to 25%. His disease photos were collected for comparison and he was prescribed further medication.

At 6 months follow up (March 12) He happily reported with more than 50% improvement in psoriasis overall. The lesions had started healing. The main complaint of itching was better by 70%. He reported with few new eruptions. Dr Shah explained him about the disease process and suggested to continue the medicines.

At 8 months follow up (May 12) Patient reported with 70% improvement. The old lesions had dried up. The new lesions had started to heal. There were no new eruptions that time.

At 12 months follow up (July 12) Patient visited with 100% recovery. Patient was very happy to note that it was the first time in 3 years where he got complete relief. He was advised to continue the treatment for another 4 months to avoid relapses.

He continued the treatment till September 2012 with complete recovery. Patient visited on 25th July 2013 with another case of psoriasis. He was completely free from disease since more than a year.

Uploaded on 26th July 2013, by, Dr. S.B.

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Results may vary from person to person

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