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A Housewife Got The Symptoms-Free Stage In Her Chronic Psoriasis With Homeopathic Medicine

A 56-year-old lady, Mrs. R.J.P. (PIN: 29241), who had been suffering from chronic psoriasis for 20 years, consulted at Life Force in 2016. Her psoriasis complaint had triggered in the last six to seven months. She was not taking any medicine for the same. In the past, she had taken Ayurvedic medicine for two years. Her psoriatic eruptions were present on her right shin, left thigh, back, and behind the ears. Her nails and joints were not affected. In addition to psoriasis, she had lichen planus pigmentosa, gastritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, but she was not taking any conventional medicine for her complaints. She had started the homeopathic medicine for her psoriasis and gastritis.

As we know that psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, the use of steroid-based medicines can complicate the case and increase the duration to achieve the recovery. But in this case, the patient had not used any conventional medicines so homeopathy could provide her early results.

In her detailed case taking, she informed that she was a happy housewife and mother of two sons. She was very emotional and sensitive. She always took tension in trivial matters. She used to worry about her family always.

As per her physical generals, she was a non-vegetarian and very fond of non-vegetarian foods. She didn’t like sweets. Except for this, all her physical generals were normal. She had no specific symptoms related to it.

As per her medical history, she had no specific complaint in the past. In her family, her father had lung cancer, and her mother had hypertension. Except for this, there was no major complaint in her family history.

After studying and evaluating her case in detail, Dr. Shah’s research-based molecule was prescribed to her, and she was advised to follow the required diet for her psoriasis. She was also advised to do some blood tests.

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In September 2016, she gave her first feedback about her condition. Her condition had drastically improved. Her disease was not progressing. No new eruptions had appeared, and old eruptions had responded well to homeopathic medicine. Her relief in itching, scaling, and redness had improved a lot. She was advised to moisturize her eruptions regularly.

In psoriasis-like complicated disease, if the patient had used many conventional medicines or steroid-based creams, getting good and long-term recovery becomes a challenge. But, in this case, the patient had not used any conventional medicine, hence, she experienced good improvement at an early stage.

After following the homeopathic medicine for a few months, in March 2017, the patient reported a 60% improvement in her relief in psoriasis. Her itching had reduced. Her all other complaints, such as gastritis and RA, had also responded well in terms of relief. Earlier, she had dark hyperpigmented spots of LPP on different body parts, such as hands, arms, etc. However, now, her hyperpigmented patches appeared slightly dull and there was no progress in those eruptions.

In October 2017, she reported a 70% improvement in her recovery from psoriasis complaint. But, she informed that, after coming back from Zimbabwe, she had observed some new small black and itchy eruptions on her hands and legs. However, those eruptions were diagnosed with Lichen planus. So, psoriasis medicine was prescribed to her as per her improvement.

In the winter, due to the nature of the disease, some flare-up was observed. Her scaling, dryness, and itching behind the ears and legs had increased in the winter, hence, required changes were made in her medicine.

After four months of following homeopathic medicines and a restricted diet regularly, her condition improved again. In July 2018, her recovery from psoriasis improved by 75%. Her relief in scaling, itching, and dryness was good.

Later, she didn’t face any complication. In the winter of 2018, there was no triggering in her disease. Her psoriasis was fine. She was regular in her medicine and followed all restrictions. In 2019, she experienced almost complete recovery from psoriasis. Sometimes, she felt mild itching and dryness on the legs but got rid of it again.

In her recent feedback in March 2020, she informed us that she had a mild dryness on her back. Except for this, she had no other issue. There were no psoriatic eruptions observed on her body. Her disease was in remission period, which means in a symptoms-free stage.

If the patient is regularly following homeopathic medicines and all diet and restrictions then, in psoriasis, the remission period is possible which is a great achievement in such type of treatable diseases.


This case indicates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating a complicated condition like psoriasis successfully if the patient is regular in following the medicines prescribed by an experienced homeopath. Homeopathy is safe and has no side-effects.

  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, HOM)


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