A 27-Year-Old Patient Got 100% Recovery From Psoriasis With Homeopathy

A 27-year-old female patient (PIN: 37254) visited Life Force clinic in Chembur on 28th June 2018 along with her parents.

She was suffering from Psoriasis for around 1.5 years. She had typical erythrodermic maculopapular eruptions, particularly on her face, scalp, and abdomen. There was scaling on the scalp, around her eyes, nose, ears, and even inside the ears. Her abdomen and both the sides of flanks were also covered with patches. Also, she complained of psoriatic patches around her genitals. The common symptoms, such as itching, burning pain, and bleeding after scratching, were present.

Her Psoriasis was spreading and gradually affecting her other parts of the body.

She also complained of hair thinning and graying of hair since the beginning of this disease.

She had taken allopathic treatment previously for 6-7 months and understood that those medicines were capable of only temporary relief.

The patient also had a history of Pneumonia in childhood along with a family history of Cancer, Diabetes, and Hypertension.

She was a vegetarian and had an average appetite and thirst. She had no significant cravings nor aversions to any food. As per her menstrual history, her menses were regular but she experienced occasional dysmenorrhea.

The patient was staying with parents and siblings and was working as a CM specialist in one of the clinics in Mumbai.

She seemed gentle, sober, and confident. She also mentioned that she liked to do her work in a precise manner.

After evaluation of her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Mezereum 30 along with his other research-based medicines for the next 6 weeks to the patient.

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At her first follow-up on 8th August 2018, she showed a 30% improvement in her relief in the condition. Her relief in all her existing patches was improving, however, the patches on her flanks were increasing in size. Her discomforting symptoms of itching, bleeding, and scaling also had reduced.

In her investigations, her Vitamin B 12 levels were on the lower side and her T4 was elevated to 12.5.

She was prescribed homeopathic medicines and supplements for Vitamin B12 along with the necessary dietary modifications.

At her second follow-up on 21st September 2018, her response was mixed and the disease was still spreading and there was an increase in the size of the patches as well.

The necessary change was made in the prescription by Dr. Shah and medicines were given to the patient for another 6 weeks.

During her third follow-up on the 2nd of November 2018, she reported a 50% improvement in most of her patches. The scaling and itching had also reduced by more than 50%, and the pace of the spread of the abdominal patches had also reduced. Her T4 levels were now within normal limits. She also mentioned that her relief in hair fall had significantly improved with the medicines.

At her January 2019 follow-up, her disease was under control. She had no new patches, and her old patches had started to heal. However, she insisted on applying steroid on the patches on her face, as she was getting married in April. The effect of steroids and rebound increase in the disease that she may experience was explained to the patient.

Graphites and Calendula ointment were prescribed to the patient for applying instead of steroids.

She checked thyroid levels on her own, and they were again normal this time.

In March 2019, when the patient visited the clinic, she reported an 80% improvement in her recovery from the patches over her face. And, she got married happily in April.

All was well until May 2019, and then she had a relapse which got settled completely by October with Dr. Shah's prescription.

In January 2020, she happily reported a 100% recovery from her disease of Psoriasis and Hair fall.

She even gave a testimonial and was happy to share her journey of recovery with others.

She is continuing her treatment with Life Force as maintenance therapy for another few months.


This case demonstrates following a suitable diet, timely investigations, and homeopathic treatment promotes effectively and safely without any side-effects. 100% recovery from psoriasis can be achieved with just Homeopathic medicines without any help from the conventional line of treatment.

  • Written by Dr. Ritu Chawla, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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