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Extensive Fungal Infection Case Responded Well To Homeopathic Medicines

A male patient residing in the United States, Mr. M.S.S. (LFMPL PIN: 24704) contacted Dr. Shah’s team of online doctors and, after thoroughly going through the website, he started his treatment on 15th May 2017. He was suffering from a severe form of chronic tinea (fungal) infection since 2015. He was suffering from extensive Tinea Corporis and Tinea Cruris. The first symptoms appeared in the groin, the perineum, and on the hips; and they were very severe and extensive. No amount of anti-fungal helped him. Gradually, he developed lesions on the neck, waist, flanks, feet, and hands. He experienced severe itching and discomfort. His discomforting symptoms would increase in the hot, humid environment and when he traveled. The use of synthetic clothes made the lesions worse.
He had been prescribed several different medicines including antifungals like Monoguard, Tinea guard which helped his just temporarily; however, the lesions kept increasing. He was applying neem oil and tea tree oil which helped to improve his relief in the lesions.
He had a craving for chicken, fish, and sweet food. He was experiencing profuse perspiration, particularly on the soles and palms. He was intolerant of the cold season. He was more comfortable in the winters.
He was a born Indian settled in the United States since 2014. He was an IT professional staying with his spouse and had a good relationship with her. Initially, due to cultural differences, he faced some difficulties in the workplace but gradually was able to manage and was having a healthy relationship with all. Whenever he used to be sad or angry, he used to sit alone and tried distracting himself.
After thoroughly evaluating his history, case details, and photos, Dr. Shah prescribed CARCINOSIN 30 C and SILICEA 30 C to the patient.
On 5th September 2017, the patient informed that the medicines are showing some positive effect. His lesions had turned lighter from thick brownish lesions to bit reddish, but, still, there was the spread of lesions. Also, he had noticed a few new lesions. With the first batch of medicines, he had experienced an improvement in relief of around 5%-7%. He was also experiencing severe itching. Dr. Shah prescribed BACCILINUM-30 along with old medicines to the patient.
In the next follow-up on 14th January 2018, there was a 50% relief in his complaints. The disease had stopped spreading. At most of the places, his skin was turning to normal skin texture.
On 24th January 2019, the patient informed that there was an improvement in his condition after starting Homeopathic treatment, however, there was no further improvement seen. The recovery had come to standstill. Some areas, such as thighs and butt, were responding very slowly. Dr. Shah increased the dose of his medicines.
The patient experienced almost 80% recovery from the infection in the next year.
80% of his skin lesions had healed and turned to normal skin texture. The recurrence of fungal infections was eradicated. His skin in the groin had turned dark and hyperpigmented, and it was also gradually responding to the medicines. The skin in his neck, flanks, and thighs was restored well. He had not taken any anti-fungal cream or tablet so far in the last 3 years after starting Homeopathic treatment.
In between, he kept some gap of the treatment, after which he is again continuing with Homeopathic medicines from Life Force for a complete recovery from the infection.
The above case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in the treatment of recurring and resistant cases of Tinea infections. Homeopathic medicines help to boost the body’s innate healing system, fight against such deep-seated infections, and eliminate the need to take antifungal and steroidal medicines.
-Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom)

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