Freed From Chronic Acne Vulgaris In Short Span At Life Force Homeopathy By Dr. Shah

Miss. N.C. (PIN: 33494) visited Life Force on 17th March 2019 for getting her complaint of acne vulgaris treated. Earlier, she had taken treatment for Tenia from Life Force for 3 years, and she had recovered from it completely. She was suffering from acne vulgaris for 2 years, and her chicks, forehead, chin, neck, and back were affected with multiple pustular eruptions and the affected areas were red. The intensity of her acne would increase before menses. The frequency of her acne was daily. They were always present yet there was no pain and itching associated with the same.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case in detail, and, after considering the patient’s detailed case history and evaluating the case in detail, he suggested proper diet along with certain routine investigations and prescribed Pulsatilla for 6 weeks to the patient.

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When the patient gave the first follow-up on 5th May 2019, the patient showed improvement of about 30%. The frequency of her acne had reduced and the number of eruptions appearing after menses had reduced. The relief in the redness showed a mild 5% improvement, and hyperpigmentation was still present. The relief in acne in all her affected areas was better by 5%. The patient was prescribed further medication for about 6 weeks.

On 26th June 2019, the patient’s condition worsened by about 5%, as acne had reappeared as per the previous frequency which she had mentioned during her first visit. So, her case was evaluated again by Dr. Shah, and medicines were prescribed to the patient for 6 weeks.

On 24th July 2019, the patient showed improvement of about 50%. Her frequency of getting acne had reduced, and they only appeared during menses. Also, its intensity had reduced. The recovery from hyperpigmentation showed a mild improvement And, the patient was given further medicines.

At her fourth follow-up on 11th October 2019, the patient showed a mild increase in her acne complaint. The hyperpigmentation remained as it is. Post-acne scars also were present. The recovery from redness showed mild improvement. During this sudden aggravation of acne, the patient was under extreme exam stress. The prescription was given to the patient with proper diet tips, and she was counseled regarding the exam stress.

In consecutive follow-ups, the patient showed improvement in her relief in acne to such an extent that there were no complaints of acne occurring daily. The frequency and intensity of her acne had reduced. The recovery from hyperpigmentation had shown improvement. The relief in her post-acne scaring was showing improvement as well.

Just within 8 months of homeopathic treatment, the patient got relief from her 2 years of chronic acne complaints.



This case illustrates that homeopathy, though termed as a slow-acting, acts on the root cause of the problems in its natural way, which is neither fast nor slow. It has the potential of bringing about miraculous recovery in a short period. Homeopathy is effective in eliminating the chances of relapses by treating acne vulgaris effectively and safely without any side-effects.

  • Written by Dr. Shraddha Jadhav, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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