80% Recovery From Frequent Cold Found In Just 5 Months With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 2-year-old baby, Miss. S.V. (PIN: 41456) visited Life Force in October 2019 along with her parents for the treatment of her frequent cold.

She was experiencing episodes of cold since she was hardly one year old. Her complaint had increased in the last four months, and she was suffering from frequent cold and allergy that were recurring after a gap of every 15 to 20 days.

The episodes would last for 10 or more days. She was suffering from excessive sneezing, cough, watery eyes, and runny nose with white nasal discharge, at the beginning of the episode, that later would turn into green.

Sometimes, she used to have a fever on the first day of the episode. She was on conventional medicine but got no relief.


Physical Generals:

She had a reduced appetite. She had an aversion to the strong-smelling foods. Her thirst, bowel movements, and perspiration were normal. All vaccinations were done on time.

As per her condition and based on her case details, an appropriate research-based molecule of Dr. Rajesh Shah was prescribed to the patient.

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When the patient gave the first follow-up in December 2019, she had experienced a 50% improvement in her relief in cold. The frequency and duration of the episodes had reduced. Also, during the episodes, she was not taking any conventional medication.

In February 2020, she experienced a 60% improvement in relief. She had experienced no episode in the last one and a half months. She was experiencing just nose itching and sneezing at times. The relief in watery eyes, runny nose, excessive sneezing, and cough was much better.

In March 2020, she gave the latest feedback stating that she has experienced 80% recovery from her complaint. The patient was relieved of excessive sneezing, cough, and coryza. Her appetite was improved. She had stopped conventional medicine completely. To date, she has not got any episodes.



This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating Frequent Upper Respiratory Tract infections within a short period incredibly and safely without any side-effects.


  • Written by Dr. Benao, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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