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4 Years Persistent Lichen Planus Treated Successfully With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 38-year-old female patient (PIN: 33435) visited the Life Force Homeopathic clinic for the complaints of lichen planus on 4th September 2017.


The patient had been suffering from Lichen Planus since 2016. Extensive round, irregular, thickened, dark skin lesions were present on her neck, chest, back, abdomen, and both the extremities. The patient complained of severe itching in the evening and night. Her lesions were rough and dry.


The patient was applying topical steroids but it did not give any relief.


The patient also complained of Acidity from the last 6 years. She used to experience sour eructations after eating flour, sago, etc.


The patient was a non-vegetarian and liked spicy food. Thermally, she was hot and used to perspire over her neck.


The patient frequently had dreams of the death of close relatives and marriage.


The patient was the eldest in the family. She had an elder brother who expired in an accident. Since then, the patient felt depressed due to it and it also led to an increase in her lichen planus lesions.

She did not want to marry as she wanted to look after her mother.

The patient was very anxious about her mother's health.


The patient used to get angry easily. 

Although the patient was reserved, she did not like to be alone.


After going through her case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah Sir prescribed her research-based medicines for 6 weeks.




In the first follow-up on 18th October 2017, the patient reported that her complaints had increased as she had stopped the use of steroid ointments. She was prescribed again for 6 weeks.


The patient's complaints were reducing gradually. Her skin lesions which had raised from the surface had turned flat. The roughness and dryness of the skin had also reduced slightly.


Gradually, after one year on 20th November 2018, the patient reported that there was up to 50% improvement in her relief from all the lesions. No new lesions had appeared, and the old lesions were also reducing.


In the last follow-up given on 7th June 2019, the patient reported that there was more than 90% improvement in her relief from lichen planus.


The lesions had flattened and only hyperpigmentation was remaining. There was no itching or dryness of the skin present.


The patient was satisfied with the treatment and continued taking homeopathy for better results.




This case illustrates that homeopathy has the power to heal the body from within. It helps in treating difficult, chronic skin conditions like lichen planus without the need of any topical agents.


  • Written by Dr. Swapnaja Nagle, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah




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