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Lichen Planus Treated Effectively At Life Force In Just 8 Months

Mr. P.B.H. (PIN: 33469) came to Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment of his Lichen Planus. She had black, papular flat-topped lesions in crops along with dryness and itching. The disease had developed in a short time of 4 months & was spreading rapidly all over his body making him very anxious. Nobody in his family had experienced such complaints. He was a retired person, & there was no monetary support from his family. He tried some conventional medicines but it was not giving him any relief, instead, his complaints started spreading faster. He heard about Life Force treating Lichen Planus from someone, so he traveled 250 kilometers to consult with us. With a family history of Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Kidney failure, Asthma, & Arthritis, he had a very strong genetic link for autoimmune diseases making it more difficult to treat.

Details of the case were taken for the analysis & prescription was made. The details are as below.

He was a pure vegetarian and had an average appetite. The patient had a liking for spicy foods & sweets. He had a habit of smoking cigarettes & consuming alcohol for many years. He had an average thirst, and he was experiencing profuse generalized perspiration. He could not tolerate the hot temperatures. His bowel movements were normal. His sleep was interrupted, & he had nightmares.

He was happy & stress-free till his retirement. After his retirement, he was neglected by his children & his life became miserable. He was very emotional & cried out whenever he spoke about his problems. Also, he was very gentle & reserved.

After analyzing the case based on the whole case history, Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. prescribed his research-based homeopathic medicines for 6 weeks to the patient.

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At the first follow-up, the patient had experienced a good improvement. He no more experienced the discomfort of itching. The spread of Lichen Planus also had stopped and half of the lesions had subsided. So, again, homeopathic medicines were prescribed to the patient for 6 weeks.

At the follow-up, the patient’s relief in the condition improved further. Overall stability had occurred in his case. No new lesions had appeared, & the existing ones too had subsided well. Again, a prescription of 6 weeks was made for him.

At the third follow-up, he was relieved of Lichen Planus by 75% now. His lesions, dryness, and itching everything was under control, &, at most of the places, just pigmentation was left. So, again, homeopathic medicines were prescribed to him for 6 weeks.

The patient called up after a month mentioning that he was free of the Lichen Planus now. He had no active lesions nor any problem persisted. Just a few pigmented marks remained. He was very happy with the recovery & thankful for the treatment.


This case describes how well Homoeopathy resolved a case of Lichen Planus, that had a strong genetic link of autoimmune diseases in the family background, which otherwise is very difficult even to control. This sparked hopes of recovery in many other patients suffering from similar autoimmune diseases. Life Force Homeopathy under Dr. Rajesh Shah M.D. has documented thousands of such treated cases.

  • Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.

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