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44 years old professional female could successfully taper her dependency on Tegretol with Dr. Shah’s medicines for her Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Mrs. R. G. (Patient Identification Number - 17354) visited our clinic on 28th October, 2011 for her complaints of Trigeminal Neuralgia. She had been suffering since 2 years. The pain had aggravated since 8 months. The frequency would be once in 2 – 3 days for few seconds and moderate intensity. She was taking Tegretol 200 mg once a day for last 3 months. If she missed the dose it would increase. It had started after a tooth extraction. The triggering factors for pain would be any movement of mouth like brushing, chewing, talking, gargling, washing face and cold. She also complained of headache and throat pain since 5 – 6 years. The headache and throat pain would occur daily. She would take pain killer as and when required. She would suffer from cold once in 5 – 6 months, which would last for 2 -3 weeks. Her appetite was average with liking for spicy food. The perspiration was profuse and generalized. She was intolerant to heat and cold weather. There were no complaints with her menstrual cycle. She was working as a unit in charge in the manufacturing unit of a private company. Her husband was working in a government organization as a mechanical engineer. Her son and daughter were graduating in commerce. She was an anxious and a worrisome natured person. She would mix easily with others. She was a responsible and a dedicated employee in her company. The work stress would make her irritable. She would have to regularly follow up with the workers working under her. She had to look into ever small and big issue of the work which would cause headache and irritability. She had very well balanced her work and house holds duties. Her father had suffered from stroke. All other family members were apparently healthy.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed few research based medicines. She reported on 9th December, 2011 with not much relief in her trigeminal neuralgia. Her headache and cold were also same.

Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and prescribed Sepia 30c 2 doses along with the research based medicines.

After 3 months (20/1/12) – she reported with mild improvement in her trigeminal neuralgia. The frequency had reduced but the intensity and duration of pain were same. She was taking mazetol 200mg once a day. Her headache and throat pain were significantly relieved by 90%.

After 6 months (9/4/12) – she reported an increase in her trigeminal neuralgia. She was advised surgical management by her neurophysician. Her dosage of mazetol was increased with an addition of other medicine. She was firm on her decision to continue homeopathy as that would help her to avoid surgery.

Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and was prescribed Kali Carbonica 200c 2 doses along with research based medicines.

She reported on 22nd June, 2012 with considerable improvement in her trigeminal neuralgia. She was able to stop pregablin and reduce the dose of mazetol without any aggravation. The frequency of attack had reduced to once a week. The severity had also reduced. The headache and cold was further better.

She reported on 3rd August, 2012 with further improvement in her trigeminal neuralgia. Her mazetol dose had further reduced. The frequency and intensity of pain were significantly better. The headache and cold were further improved.

After a year’s treatment she reported on 24th October, 2012 with overall 75% improvement in her trigeminal neuralgia. The mazetol dose had been reduced to 150mg a day from 600mg by gradual tapering in last 6 months.

She used to get headaces every day, that were also relieved to a great extent. She was feeling very comfortable with the medicines. Her stress levels had gone down. She could cope up with stress much better.

She was very pleased, the way Homeopathy and Dr Shah supported her in her period of crisis. Even her neurologist was pleasantly surprised with the efficacy of Homeopathy in such a distressing sitiuation.

She is still continuing the medicines and hoping for a complete recovery.

Uploaded By. Dr. M. N. P on 1 November 2012

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