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A 76-Year-Old Male Recuperated From Meniere’s Disease With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 76-year-old male patient, Mr. Y.P.K. (PIN: 24476) approached Life Force on 29th December 2014. He was suffering from Meniere’s Disease from the last 10 years. He was having Vertigo and Tinnitus were accompanied by the hearing loss for the last 3 years. The frequency of episodes was once in a month. The symptoms used to develop over 3-4 days wherein the feeling of nausea and imbalance along with hearing loss used to occur. The episode used to last with vomiting followed by some relief the next day. During the episode, the patient used to feel better by lying down. He was experiencing intolerance to the bright light too.

He had associated diseases, namely Cardiomyopathy and Benign Enlargement of Prostate, for which he was already on allopathic medication. He had gone through Angioplasty twice.

In his family, his father had Cardiomyopathy and Diabetes mellitus. He had three sisters, all of them had the complaint of Vertigo.

The patient had an average appetite and average thirst. He had a craving for sweets. The patient was tolerant of the heat. His perspiration was average. Although in sleep, he used to have nightmares. His frequency of urination had increased at night due to enlarged prostate.

The patient used to get angry and expressed his anger by shouting.

He used to live in a joint family with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons. He was engaged in some Business.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, after going through the case in detail, prescribed his research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient, and the patient experienced excellent results. The follow-ups are mentioned below.

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In April 2015, the patient’s relief in the disease was better by 25%. His relief in vertigo was better. Although there was not much improvement in his tinnitus, the patient had stopped allopathic medicines, which he was taking for Vertigo.

In October 2015, the patient was overall almost 50% better. His relief in Vertigo and Tinnitus was much better.

In April 2016, there was a 75% improvement in his recovery from the disease.

In December 2016, the disease was stable, and the patient had experienced good relief in all the symptoms.

In April 2017, the patient was much better. He no more suffered from episodes of vertigo anymore.

In February 2018, the patient experienced a 90% improvement in his relief from the disease. He had experienced only one episode of Vertigo 2-3 months back.

In March 2019, the patient was feeling much better, only once he had an episode in which he went unconscious and fell on the ground. Now, he had the complaint of hearing loss only. A little reeling of the head was present.

In November 2019, overall recovery from the disease improved to a great extent, almost 90%. The relief in the reeling of the head had improved a lot.

In January 2020, the patient was relieved of all his discomforting symptoms. He had no episodes of Vertigo nor that of headache. The patient is doing fine now and is on maintenance dose. He is very happy with the treatment.


This case highlights that Homeopathy treats Meniere’s Disease very effectively and safely without any side-effects and helps the patient lead a symptom-free life. It controls the disease to a great extent by reducing the frequency of episodes.

  • Written by Dr. Garima Pancholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D.) Hom.

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