Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Treated Smoothly And Effectively With Homeopathy

A 56-year-old male patient, Mr. M.P. (PIN: 39136) visited the Borivali branch of Life Force on 18th January 2019 with the complaints of shock-like pain in the left side of the throat, jaw, and left ear. This had started bothering him for three years. He had experienced five episodes of this kind of a pain in three years. In the last one and a half months, he felt that the pain was not getting better even after taking the conventional medicines; he would get episodes of pain daily, whereas, initially, these episodes had a frequency of once in seven to eight months. Mr. M.P. was diagnosed with Glossopharyngeal neuralgia.  Once the episodes would start, they would go on for 15 to 20 days and the duration of the pain would be a minute. 

Mr. M.P. would get a shock-like pricking pain in the left side of the throat, jaw, and ear. His pain would start in the neck and radiate to the ear. Also, a slight burning sensation bothering him along with the pain. He was on T. Oxetol 300 twice a day for 10 days. Before this, he was taking T. Gabapin. These are anti-convulsive tablets normally given in neuralgias to reduce the pain. Mr. M.P. had certain side-effects due to conventional medicines, such as dryness of the mouth, tastelessness, nausea, weakness, and constipation. His pain would get aggravated while talking, drinking, or eating sour food.

Mr. M.P. also had an underactive thyroid for 30 years and was on thyroid supplements called T. Thyronorm 88. He also had a slight acidity problem from the last 10 years, wherein he would experience a slight burning sensation in the chest along with a bloating sensation in the abdomen. He was not taking any medications for acidity.

In the past, Mr. M.P. had suffered from Malaria. His parents had hypertension and diabetes.

Mr. M.P. is a vegetarian and had a sweet tooth, but, at the same time, he used to enjoy eating spicy food. He would prefer warm weather than a cold climate. He had no complaints while passing motions or urine.

Mr. M.P. was a businessman married for 35 years. He used to stay with his wife, son, and daughter-in-law. He had a happy and well-supported life. He was happy, content, and satisfied with what he had achieved in his life.

Mr. M.P. was gentle, confident, and polite in his behavior. He would get a little anxious and irritable at times.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his research-based molecules along with Hypericum 200 to the patient.

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In the first follow-up on 1st March 2019, Mr. M.P. reported that he was a bit better, but the dose of the conventional tablet, that he was taking, had been increased in the last 20 days. The pain and burning had reduced, and the ill-effects of conventional medicines had reduced even though the dosage was increased. Certain blood investigations were advised to the patient, and it was found that his Vitamin B 12 and D3 were very low; hence, the necessary supplements were prescribed.

During the consecutive follow-up on the 9th of April 2019, Mr. M.P. said that he was feeling further better. He had no episodes of the pain since his last visit at the branch, but he was still taking T. Oxetol thrice a day. Although the side-effects of the drug had reduced, the dose was still not tapered.

On the 24th of May 2019, Mr. M.P. visited the Borivali branch and was very happy as he was feeling even better than before. This time he mentioned that his physician had reduced the dose of T. Oxetol. He had started with T. Oxetol 300 and, now, he was taking, T. Oxetol 150. The other issues resulting due to the side-effects of the drug also had reduced. His case was further analyzed and certain changes were made in the prescription.

Mr. M.P. was very regular with the treatment, and he again visited the branch on 17th July 2019. He was doing well with no episodes of the pain, and he mentioned that he had stopped taking T. Oxetol entirely since the end of May as advised by his physician. He continued taking homeopathic medicines. He was experiencing just a slight irritation in the throat.

On 15th October 2019, Mr. M.P. reported at the branch saying that he was a lot better than before without being dependent on conventional medications. He had no episodes of the pain in the throat, but there was a slight pain in his ear and irritation in the throat. The ill-effects of conventional medicines had vanished completely. He did not have any dryness or constipation.

Mr. M.P. visited on 28th November 2019 at the branch and reported that he was doing a lot better even though he was not taking any other medications. The pain in his left ear had reduced, and the irritation in his throat was no more present. His condition was stable.

On 13th January 2020, when Mr. M.P. came for his appointment, he was very happy as the pain in his ear was no more present, and the irritation in the throat was also negligible. He still wanted to continue with the treatment and was very regular with his medicines.

Mr. M.P. gave telephonic feedback on the 4th of April 2020. He commented that he was doing well. He had experienced no episodes since April 2019. The recovery from the pain in his left ear and throat was 100% better. He said that it does not exist despite not taking T. Oxetol since May 2019. He was overjoyed with the results and was amazed by the homeopathic treatment.


This case illustrates that homeopathy helps in fast recovery from neuralgias, such as Glossopharyngeal neuralgia, without having to be dependent on conventional medications.

  • Written by Dr. Chetali D., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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