A Schoolteacher Finds An Excellent Relief In Trigeminal Neuralgia In 2 Years Of Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A Schoolteacher Finds An Excellent Relief In Trigeminal Neuralgia In 2 Years Of Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 45-year-old woman, Mrs. V.C. (PIN: 36709) started her homeopathic treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia at Life Force on 4th May 2018.

The patient Mrs. V.C was suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia for the last 7 years (Since 2011). Her husband came across the Life Force Homeopathy website and called up to speak to our team of doctors. He discussed her case in detail, and he decided to start her treatment. Her entire in-depth case history was taken over her Online patient account.

She mentioned, "My neuro physician has diagnosed the disease as Trigeminal Neuralgia and gave me medicines accordingly. There is an electric current and push kind of pain. The pain starts from the left jawline and goes up through the nerves. Mostly, it comes for a few seconds and is intense for 1-2 minutes."

She also complained of severe pain while performing daily activities, such as brushing, gargling, and even while eating the food.

Her condition had first occurred after a procedure of root canal, which was done in 2010. She took medications for 6 years but there was no relief in her pain. Then, out of despair, she had begun to take intervention pain injections (mostly steroidal) for pain relief. However, even the injections taken provided her only temporary relief. The condition would again occur after the pain-relieving effect of the injections subsided.

The patient was a school teacher and had to deal with the Trigeminal Neuralgia episodes daily. This made her more anxious and worried about her daily life. She suffered from 10-12 episodes of trigeminal neuralgia daily. The pain was excruciating and would last for a few minutes. However, the fear of when the pain will occur made her more worried.

She lived in a family of 7 members and it was difficult to continuously take care of the pain or to have adequate rest. Her sleep was inadequate due to her increasing anxiety. Her overall mental state was affected due to trigeminal neuralgia. She also faced a lack of confidence in her daily life.

Her in-depth case history with an emphasis on every detail was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah, and, accordingly, he prescribed the medications. The medications included research-based homeopathic medications for trigeminal neuralgia. The medications were accordingly couriered to her address.

When the patient gave the first follow-up on 26th June 2018, she mentioned experiencing 10% to 20% relief in the intensity of the pain. The improvement was mild, and the frequency of the episodes of trigeminal neuralgia had reduced to 7 to 8 times a day. She also continued her conventional medications along with the homeopathic medicines from Life Force. 

On 25th July 2018, the patient said that she had experienced an overall relief of 40%, however, her complaints had worsened for a week. The trigger may have been the seasonal changes that affected the condition. However, the patient continued her medications regularly. She also followed the diet and routine changes as suggested at Life Force. Some of her conventional medication doses were reduced with the help of her general physician.
At the patient’s follow-up on 13th September 2018, she had experienced excellent relief of 70% in her condition. Her pain episodes had become mild as compared to those at the start of the treatment. Even after the reduction in the doses of her conventional medications, the patient was doing good. The patient had completely stopped taking pain intervention injections. The frequency of her pain episodes had also reduced to a remarkable 2-3 times a day.

Due to personal reasons, the patient had to discontinue her treatment, as she felt her condition was better. However, the patient had a severe relapse in November 2019.

In her words:
"Suddenly, the pain increased and the pain lasted for 8-10 minutes. The pain was worse and unbearable."

She again started the medications from Life Force, and she started to feel improvement in her condition.

In February 2020, she again felt 60%-70% relief in her discomforts with the medications. Her episodes came under control, and the pain intensity was reduced to mild episodes. The frequency of her episodes had also reduced. The condition was bearable and improving.

In her last follow-up on 3rd April 2020, she mentioned, "The treatment has been effective to me in a good way. A lot of improvement since the beginning. 90% improvement in my disease after the last medicines. I have been able to stop all my conventional medicines. No other medical treatment, touchwood."

The patient has become much more confident and cheerful in her daily life. Her anxiety has reduced, and she is happy for being recovering from her disease condition. She has a calmer and joyous state of mind as compared to before. She is doing her regular duty of a schoolteacher as well as can co-ordinate with her family effectively.

The patient is currently continuing her treatment for trigeminal neuralgia regularly. 

Realizing the effectiveness of the treatment, she has also made her husband start treatment for Anxiety and GERD. Her husband has also shown a good response to both his treatments at Life Force.

This case illustrates how a neurological disorder like Trigeminal neuralgia can be effectively treated with modern research-based homeopathic medicines. Long-term uninterrupted treatment with homeopathic medications can lead to a long-term improvement in relief in such cases. The dependency of conventional medications can be effectively tackled and also avoided depending on the case. Homeopathy, being a gentle system of treatment, can be effective yet safe with no side-effects. Hence, it should be thought of in treating conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia.

-Written by Dr. Neethu Krishnan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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