A Manager Experiences Complete Recovery From Alopecia Areata At Life Force

A 29-year-old male patient (PIN: 34098) visited Life Force clinic in October with the complaint of bald patches on his beard, mustache, and eyebrows which had started appearing from the last two years and were increasing gradually.

He had taken conventional treatment of steroid-based local applications and injectables as well as oral medications but with no success. He had also tried homeopathic treatment from his local doctor, but there was no significant result.

He mentioned that it was when he experienced extreme stressful conditions at his workplace, his complaints had started. There was no significant history of any past disease, except for Typhoid which he suffered when he was 10-year-old and fracture of the left leg years back, both from which he had recovered completely.

His mother was a patient of hypertension and diabetes mellitus and had suffered a brain stroke due to which the patient was under stress at present.

He was temperamentally quiet but liked to indulge in sports and sketching as well. He had a marked craving for sweets.

Taking into account all the details of the patient, Dr. Shah prescribed him homeopathic medicines, some of which were research-based molecules, for 8 weeks. Some key blood tests and some dietary changes were recommended to him to follow.

At his first follow-up (after around 8 weeks), the patient mentioned that there was no further hair loss, and the spread of the condition had stopped. Also, the present bald patches showed the regrowth of hair. Meanwhile, his blood reports had come within normal values so there was no need of suggesting him any external supplements. Based on this improvement, Dr. Shah further prescribed medicines to the patient for another 8 weeks.

Another two follow-ups (in four months) showed that except on one area over the beard, there was regrowth of hair on all his bald patches. After the proper evaluation of his condition, Dr. Shah prescribed him homeopathic medicines for another eight weeks.

At his next follow-up, all his bald patches had further filled in, and his one remaining bald area showed the regrowth with a few hairs. Dr. Shah again prescribed homeopathic medicines to the patient for another eight weeks.

At the end of 12 months of starting with homeopathic treatment, there was no new patch observed ever since the start of our treatment. Also, the regrowth of hair in all his patches had occurred, but the new hairs were thin and weak. 

He was suggested to do blood tests again. Since deficiencies were detected, he was suggested to start supplements accordingly and Dr. Shah prescribed him homeopathic medicines, including his research-based molecules, for another eight weeks.

After further two follow-ups, there was a good improvement in the quality of his hair. Also, no new patch had appeared since the start of our treatment. The patient had expressed his happiness as there was no visible patch, no new patches as well, and his new hairs also improved in density.

This case study shows that Homeopathy acts in a gradual, gentle manner and brings about recovery in the most effective way when administered accurately by an expert Homeopath. Homeopathy is highly effective in treating alopecia areata successfully and safely without any side-effects.

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