A Child Wins Over Muscular Dystrophy With Life Force’s Homeopathy

A 5-year-old child, Mr. A.N. (PIN: 41187) came to Life Force with complaints of difficulty in walking and requiring to support while climbing stairs. He came up with this problem when the school teacher noticed him facing difficulty in climbing the stairs and he needed support for the same. He was also having muscular weakness in the legs which was resulting due to the wasting of leg muscle. He visited the Santacruz branch with a hope to recover and, thus, approached the Life Force homeopathy center.
We took a detailed case consultation, went through his case, and assured him of the improvement in his health. He started experiencing this problem of difficulty in walking in the last 1 year, and it was progressing slowly. A more important point in this case that we came across was his family history where his cousin also suffered from the same problem and observed frequently in the maternal family. 
The patient’s weight was 13 kgs and height was 3 feet. Also, he was underweight. He also suffered from constipation with hard stools, difficulty in passing stools, and the sense of incomplete evacuation with bloating of the abdomen. He also had low immunity and was prone to cold and cough with a nose block. He also used to mouth breathing, as he was more prone to a blocked nose. He was a normal child who loved sweets and chocolates. We also inquired about his water intake as its stools were hard. He enjoyed sound sleep.
His birth development was normal with a birth weight of 2.9 kgs and milestones well-developed. He was in a nursery class with no stress. He lived with his parents where his father was a banker, and his mother was a housewife so there was someone to take care of at home. He was a happy child, who was clever, shy, and confident. 
He was a well-oriented child and had no major illness in the past.
After studying the case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed his research-based therapy along with Causticum, Gelsemium, and Bryonia with the top priority to the patient. 

The patient responded well to the treatment, and we were more positive and confident about his recovery. His initial enrollment was for 8 months at the Santacruz branch. One of his parents saw the improvement, and so they decided to have a word with Dr. Rajesh Shah and meet him in his head office.
During his second follow-up in January 2020, he experienced a 50% improvement. Now, he started climbing stairs with minimal support. His difficulty while walking drastically reduced and he started walking with confidence. His condition improved as he experienced a strengthening of the leg muscles and this helped him in running and walking. His parents were happy with the improvement and wanted him to achieve recovery from his problem. His relief in cold and cough problems also improved with his immunity.
He renewed his treatment plan in May 2020 with the hope of improving much more. The child was thrilled and led a normal life. Now, he is on maintenance therapy for the last 6 months and is doing well. He can walk without support, and there is a drastic improvement in his strength.
As the days passed, we at Life Force were monitoring and evaluating cases with the help of our associate doctor who was taking a keen interest in maintaining the stable condition of the child, who was on the path of recovery. We noticed much more improvement up to 80% after speaking to his parents. We are hoping to achieve 100% improvement and great success in the child’s recovery from muscular dystrophy. 
This case illustrates that homeopathy can promote recovery from muscular dystrophy, which is difficult to treat, effectively, and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy at Life Force helped improve the quality of life of a 5-year-old incredibly.
-Written by Dr. Rati Parwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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