A 60-Year-Old Patient Got 99% Freed From Psoriasis At Life Force Homeopathy

A 60-Year-Old Patient Got 99% Freed From Psoriasis At Life Force Homeopathy
It's worth learning about how a 60-year-old patient Mr. M.K. (PIN: 37871) recovered from psoriasis at Life Force Homeopathy. His case has set one of the examples with almost 99% recovery from psoriasis. He has always been taking homeopathy regularly along with vitamin supplements that work better with homeopathy from its core. He started an online homeopathy treatment at our head branch in Chembur under the direct care and guidance of our Founder Dr. Rajesh Shah sir at Life Force Homeopathy on 4th September 2018.
We are proud to tell you that Mr. M.K.’s recovery and success rate with homeopathy has made a marked significance in the field of homeopathy. We have brought this reality to light exclusively so that you can acknowledge the true power of homeopathy which yields desired results in treating psoriasis.

The patient enrolled with us for 8 months to start his treatment. He came with the problem of Psoriasis which had started in September 2018 affecting his abdomen, scalp, legs, hands, and back. He was experiencing a lot of itching on the body which led to this problem of psoriasis. He had tried various creams and immunosuppressants with no recovery and no relief. He was looking at long-term benefits and relief instead of suppressing the disease for time being. The allopathic medicines were doing no good to him.
He had no associated complaints. As far as his lifestyle is concerned, he was a simple man with the basic understanding and no stress. He preferred simple food and had no habits of alcohol or smoking. He was staying in Chhattisgarh with his wife and his kid. He had no stress whatsoever. He enjoyed his retired life. The only problem that was bothering him currently was psoriasis, a chronic autoimmune disorder of the skin.
No one in his family ever suffered from psoriasis, in which genetic is considered as one of the major causes of the disease. In his past medical history, he was never admitted to the hospital for any other problem.
He led a stress-free life in the outskirts of Chhattisgarh. To address the triggering factor for psoriasis was difficult in this case. The case was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and he prescribed medicines based on his research therapy to the patient.
After 4 months of homeopathic treatment, the patient experienced a marked improvement with the reduction in psoriasis skin patches by 40%. We also compared his pictures and treated him online. He never met his doctor but had trust in the treatment.
He enrolled for the second time with Life Force Homeopathy under the guidance of Dr. Rajesh Shah for maintenance therapy and achieved the desired results. He had almost 90% improvement in relief in psoriasis despite the winter this November in India.
The patient has been suffering from psoriasis for 7 years and had been striving to get treatment to achieve recovery. We have considered various aspects of the condition for the homeopathic treatment, such as the onset and severity of the disease. Also, we have set up a streamlined time-bound effect for the patient Mr. M.K., and, accordingly, we set up treatment plans for the patient to help them achieve recovery.
Important points you need to know about Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin disorder that results in the red erythematous condition of the skin along with scaling, flaking, and a lot of itching. Dealing with psoriasis is difficult. The main causes of psoriasis are genetic factors and stress which trigger the discomforting symptoms of the skin condition. Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes the skin to multiply 10 times faster. This makes the skin build-up with red patches and white scales. It also causes tremendous itching. Scales can affect any part of the body. Here are a few common types of psoriasis.
Types of Psoriasis
1.Plaque Psoriasis: It causes red inflamed patches and covers the skin. The patches are white and scaly and are present on the knee, elbow, and scalp.
2.Guttate Psoriasis: It is a common condition observed during childhood and on the torso, arms, and legs. It represents pink patches or spots all over the body.
3.Pustular psoriasis: In this condition, the skin is covered with fluid-filled blisters on the affected area of the body.
We look forward to going virtual this pandemic and help many more patients suffering from psoriasis.
-Written by Dr. Rati Parwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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