A Lawyer Resolved His Hair Fall Problem With Homeopathy At Life Force

Hair fall is the most common problem nowadays. It affects both men and women equally. It is important to understand that hair fall is only an outer reflection of many physical and mental disturbances inside the body. Many factors, such as nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, stress, insomnia, the change of weather, chemical application on the hair, etc., can be the cause of hair fall. Protein and vitamin deficiency are also common causes. Today’s life is very fast and stress, anxiety, irritability, thyroid disorder, anger issues, and similar complaints very common. All or any of these complaints can trigger hair fall. 

To rule out the causative factors, the severity and duration of hair fall are very important to consider to get the desired result in relief in hair fall complaints. Based on that, treatment should be started.  

Homeopathy works on both mental and physical conditions, and, hence, it is very effective in treating hormonal imbalance, mental disturbances, and other causes of hair fall.

This case study is also a good example of an excellent result of homeopathy treatment in minimizing hair fall. 

This case is of a 29-year-old male Mr. A.V. I. (PIN: 41600) who consulted at Life Force in October 2019 for his complaint of hair fall. He had been suffering from hair fall for 1 year. Approximately 100 strands of his hair were falling per day. His complaint was increasing gradually. His scalp was dry and mild itching was also present. He had taken many multi-vitamins and other treatments but didn’t get a satisfactory result. On examination, small undifferentiated patches of less hair were observed on his beard area. But, no bald patch was observed. 

As per his physical generals, he was a non-vegetarian and fond of fruits and fish. His stool was not satisfactory. Except for this, there were no other specific complaints of his physical generals. 

By profession, he was a lawyer. He was unmarried. Mentally, he was overthinker, however, a confident personality. He easily used to get irritated on trivial matters.  

Diabetes and hypertension were present in his family history. 

Based on all of the above symptoms and after studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him two doses of Phosphorus 30 and his research-based molecule for 6 weeks. He had a vitamin deficiency, so he was also advised to take vitamin supplements and follow diet tips for reducing hair fall.


In his first feedback which was in December 2019, he didn’t report any changes in hair fall. However, the progressiveness of the disease had stopped. He was prescribed the next medicine for 6 weeks. 

On 13th January 2020, the patient informed a very good improvement in his reduction in hair fall. His reduction in hair fall was 50% improved. He had also completed his vitamin supplements’ course. 

After 6 months of following homeopathic medicines, the patient’s recovery from the hair fall condition was 70% better. His hair fall had reduced, and new hair growth was also observed. 

Recently, in October 2020, when he gave feedback, he mentioned that he has experienced almost complete recovery from his hair fall complaint. Now, only 5-10 strands of hair falling per day. There was no itching and no other symptoms observed. Another 1-month medicine was prescribed to the patient.

This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating hair fall complaint incredibly and safely without any adverse effects. This case also indicates that homeopathy works on a deeper level in the body. It enhances immunity and works on the root cause of disease; hence the result of homeopathic treatment is long-lasting without any side-effect.

-Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, HOM)


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