Cheilitis Got Healed With Effective Homeopathic Treatment

A 30-year-old female patient, Mrs. P.J. (PIN: 40156) came to Life Force Homeopathy on 14th May 2019, with a hope that we can find some solution to her problem. She was suffering from Cheilitis (a form of fungal infection) on the lips.
Her discomforting symptoms included thick white coating on the lips (Fungal), thrush on the inside of the lips, great dryness over the lips, cracks on the lips, and pain when touched.
She was experiencing these complaints since November 2018. She had taken allopathic medicines before but did not get much relief. 
As the lips were affected, it was very uncomfortable for her to step out of the house. She was a working woman so the disease was affecting her psychologically a lot.

She was a non-vegetarian and had cravings for sweets. 
The patient was mild, gentle, and soft-spoken. She had a hard childhood. Her parents had problems, and, later, they got divorced. She also had step-mother thereafter. So, she felt very insecure, unloved, and lonely. Now, she was experiencing a lot of anxiety, irritability, negativity, and brooded over the past. She used to think a lot, therefore, her sleep was disturbed. She was a pessimist about life.

After a detailed case taking and analyzing the case thoroughly, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines to the patient.
At the first follow-up on 25th June 2019, the patient said that the thrush on the inside of her lips had reduced, the pain had reduced, but the thick coating on the lips was as it is. The dryness over the lips was as it is. 
On 5th August 2019, she reported that coating on her lips had also reduced along with thrush, pain, and the dryness. 
On 16th September 2019, the patient said that thrush on the inside of her lips and pain had vanished. There was further improvement in relief in her other symptoms too. 
On 6th January 2020, she reported a 70% improvement in her relief. The fungal coating on her lips had reduced by 70%, cracks had reduced by 70%, and dryness had reduced by 70%. She was experiencing no pain and no thrush now.
On 5th March 2020, she reported only mild cracks on the lips. Coating and dryness were reduced by more than 70%. She was experiencing no pain and no thrush now.

The patient is very happy with the treatment she received at Life Force and is continuing it for a complete recovery.

This case illustrates that fungal infection takes a lot of time to heal with allopathic medicines and chances of recurrence are also high. However, homeopathy is very effective in treating diseases like cheilitis, which is a fungal infection, successfully and safely without any side-effects. Also, homeopathy helps prevent the recurrence of the discomforting condition. 

-Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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